Imperialist USA's Regime Change Attempt in Syria Fails
by Li'l Joe and David Moros 12/21/2018

2018 December 21 --Today, Friday December 21 -- A little over three years after our initial statement critiquing the US bombing of Syria and the US government beginning the arming and financing of mercenaries to overthrow the Syrian government, the US government is calling it quits. What we think and what we know. War is the continuation of politics by other [i.e. violent] means. The Syrian government remains as it initially existed with Bashar al-Assad continuing as its President. It is obvious therefore that the political objective -- "regime change" -- has not been achieved. It's a military defeat and a political failure. Whether or not President Trump (i.e. the U.S. military forces) "rightly" takes "credit" for defeating ISIS is not the issue. The political objective, that is, regime change by mercenaries did not occur. The mercenaries, including ISIS together with other mercenaries armed, trained and financed by the US government, along with invading US troops and aerial bombings, has been defeated. The defeat of ISIS is a defeat for U.S. imperialism, Zionism, the Saudis and the rest of the anti-Assad governments. The objective of a US forced regime change has failed.


Statement on the U.S. Military Invasion of Syria
by Lil Joe and David Moros
November 2, 2015

Concerning US Obama Administration sending 50 "trainers", "advisors" to Syria. These "50" military troops of the US army were not invited into the country by the Syrian government. "Boots on the ground" = US soldiers on the ground. These are not just empty boots lyin' on the ground in Syria but there's a US soldier's feet fillin' those boots. The US military has been overtly bombing Syrian territory for over a year now. Technically the US government has thus invaded Syria. If Hezbollah sent 50 "advisors" or "trainers" into Israel or North Korea sent the same into South Korea this would be defined by the United States government as an invasion of Israel or South Korea. U.S. troops are joining mercenary 'rebels' to fight against the Syrian government and overthrow it. This military invasion to achieve this objective if achieved by definition would constitute conquest. Consider the outrage from, not just the U.S. and Israeli governments but the U.N. 'Security Council' were it the case of Iran bombing targets in Israeli national territory and sending troops into Gaza, West Bank or Goland Heights to join Hamas, PA or Hezbollah forces moving into Israeli territory to fight Israeli government forces with the objective being the overthrow of the Israeli government!

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