December,30 2010

Concerning the recent discovery of homo sapien sapien dentition in Israel

by Lil Joe

The issue presented by the Israeli 'research team' is not the issue of
whether or how evolution of homo sapiens sapiens ['modern man']
evolved, but of when and 'where' it occured. What is meant by 'the
earliest human ancestors to modern man', is predicated upon the
distinction that Hominidae seperated from the other branches of

The scientific debate regarding the earliest hominin or hominid is
argued on the basis of antecedent fossil data and DNA that points to
the hominin or hominid divergence from the common ancestor of humans,
Chimpanzee and Bonobo.

Where is the corroborative data as evidence of the existence of
evolutionary diversification of Hominoidea into Hominidae? There is no
corroborative data to support the claim that it was in Israel that
hominins diverged from Chimpanzee and Bonobos.


Feburary 24, 2005

Discussing the stages theory of human socioeconomic evolution

By Lil Joe

Amadou: Thanks for initiating this. Your reference to James - your namesake! - was the book you cited about modes of production that should not be in seen stages, had arisen my curiosity and I would appreciate to hear much more about it...

Lil Joe: That's the easy part to write about -- on second thought: not so easy!

The stages theory of human socioeconomic evolution is based on concepts of political economic property ownership as characterizing 'relations of production' as the social content of different 'modes of production'.


200,000-500,000 year-old Stone Tools
European 'Chopper-Choppingtool' (CCC) Tradition / b)jabeekian