February 22, 2004

Reparations and Class Politics in America

by Lil Joe

The reparation movement is the Black bourgeois and professional classes hoodwinking Black workers into a "movement" that is pro-capitalist, and as such not in their class interests. The American working-class is comprised of men and women of every race, ethnicity, religion and lack thereof, and racial politics of any kind is destructive to our principles of class unity. Racial politics only helps the bourgeoisie.

The reparations movement is the Black professional classes - lawyers, congresspersons, university professors, news commentators and so on asking for money from "White" (i.e. capitalist and government) Institutions on the basis of guilt. These "Black" persons in the reparations movement didn't do, and now are doing nothing to defend the Black and poor single moms from getting thrown into the streets by the Clinton Welfare "Reform" Laws! The Black bourgeois reparations have no common interests with the masses of Black people in this country, 80% of whom are working-class including large numbers of unemployed.

The reparations movement is the Black bourgeoisie and professional classes asking for money because of chattel slavery in this country's past. It does not address wage-slavery in the present because to do so would be to oppose capitalism today, not as "African-Americans" (whatever that means) but as workers, as proletarians. The proletarian revolution is not aimed at money from governments, banks and industries while leaving the State, banks and productive forces in the hands of the capitalist class. Rather, the proletarian revolution, which is men and women of all races and ethnicity and national origin in this country and internationally, coming together and rising as one to snatch the productive forces, the banks and the State. We do not seek reparations for a single ethnic group but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.

By participating in the labor party and the trade unions on which this party is based, the work of laborpartypraxis is the transformation of trade unions from pragmatic economic bargaining units into basic fighting units - divisions, regiments, companies, and so on to platoons of a political army. The determination is class. Immigrants are to be brought into these unions and the labor party whether they are citizens or not, without regard to race, national origin or gender. These unions, and the labor party based on them must be committed to armed protection of all members of the working-class, including immigrants and Blacks from anti-immigrant and racist attacks, whether by the Border Patrol or the Ku Klux Klan. We will also organize community self-defense forces that will protect immigrant and Black communities from lumpin-terror and police killings, too. This, too, is class struggle, class war.

The objective of the labor party in class war is to snatch the productive forces, financial institutions and the State from the clutches of the capitalist class and State. Winning the battle of democracy is the Labor Party running workers as candidates for seats in the House of Representatives. And winning. A Labor dominated House of Representatives in which butchers, bakers, steelworkers, janitors, farm workers, retail clerks, and candle-stick makers and so on will author and pass working-class legislation. If, and when the millionaire dominated Senate, Courts or Presidency stop the passage and enactment of proletarian legislation it will become necessary to abolish the Senate, Courts and Presidency which ill require a new Constitutional Convention: comprised of trade union delegates, ethnic communities and the unemployed, only.

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