July 16, 2004

What's Really Goin' On In Sudan

by Li'l Joe


The Democratic Party's Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), together with a Christian Zionist outfit called "Christian Solidarity International" (CSI) have been in the News recently, protesting and calling for sanctions against the government of Sudan for defending itself against so-called Christian militias. These so-called "militias", armed, trained and funded by the United States and Israel have been at war with Sudan for the past five decades. Yet, the U.S., and Israeli political, intellectual and journalist circles are presenting the conflict in Sudan as a race and/or religious war. This is a false paradigm, the issues are not based in Sudan being a country in racial conflict and/or religious war, but is part and parcel of the geopolitical conflict, the U.S./Israeli objective to militarily dominate the entire region. Israel is the sole nuclear power in the region, has biological and chemical weapons besides, and with the support of the U.S., that arms and funds Israel, it has violated dozens of U.N. resolutions.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a faction of the Democratic Party, several leading members of which have recently been in the news calling for sanctions by castigating the government of Sudan, as "Arabs" hell bent on a genocidal war on Sudan's Black African populations in the South. It has been asserted that the Northerners are Semitic Arabs, Muslims, and other Sudanese, while in the South are "Black Africans" -- Negroes, who are either Christians or heathen animists. Not only is this distinction categorically false, because all Sudanese are Black Africans, it is also condescending and insulting.

Only by considering the geopolitical context -- both in its global and regional setting, can there be derived a correct understanding of the Civil War that has been such a tragedy in Sudan. The heart of the issue in Sudan -- as is the case in most Middle Asian and North African conflicts -- is the Israeli genocide in Palestine on one hand, and the heroic Palestinian resistance on the other. The United States, including its Negroes in the Democratic Party's Congressional Black Caucus, have for decades come down on the side of the Israelis against the Palestinians, and Sudan has supported the Palestinians.

The United States initially supported the Christian militias, mainly through Israel as a proxy, in the 60s in opposition to the pro-Soviet Sudanese government. But, Israel also had reasons, which remain in force today although the Cold War has ended. American Negro political lackeys of Zionist lobbies, in their attacks on Sudan promote the geopolitics of U.S. imperialist and Zionist interests. The Israelis, enabled by arms and funding from the U.S. is directly responsible for both the continuation and spreading of the Civil War in Sudan. Without U.S. and Israeli intervention and aiding of Christian militias, there would have been no Civil War

In an article on the ideological ploy of U.S. imperialism and Zionism to generate anti-Arab hostility among African-Americans and Black Africans, to win support of African-Americans and Black African Christians for the Zionist project against Arab and Muslim Africans, and in particular against Sudanese Muslims, Gamal Nkrumah observed:

"There is open hostility to a perceived 'Arab agenda' in the African continent. The ongoing Sudanese civil war has mistakenly been portrayed in the international media as a conflict between Arab Muslims on one hand and African animists and Christians on the other. This conflict was made to look as if it is an unavoidable consequence of a fault line separating Arab and non-Arab Africa. * The Israeli and far right lobbies in the United States and the West have been fanning anti-Arab and anti-Muslim resentment among African Americans and the predominantly Christian and non-Muslim parts of Africa."


The Israelis are hostile to all its Arab and/or Muslim neighbors, and in particular Egypt (until Camp David bought them out) Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan (until it capitulated) Iraq, and (since the overthrow of the Shah) Iran. The Israelis have developed a nuclear arsenal, and is provided all kinds of military hardware and manufacturing capabilities by the United States and even Britain. The Middle East -- that is, Middle Asia and North Africa -- has been deliberately destabilized and under attack by direct U.S. and Israeli interventionist policies. The five decades of Civil War in Sudan can only be understood if placed in this context.

It must be understood that in the United States the Democratic Party, just as the Republican Party, is a political association based in Capital, a political representative of capitalist class interests. In foreign policy, both parties are the political-military representatives of U.S. imperialism.

It is the job of the Negro Democrats, in Congress and in the media, to present themselves as "Blacks working in the interests of Black folk", whereas, in actuality color, and Negro morphological characteristics, presented by these democrats as essential and determinate is nothing but Show -- the inessential masquerading as essential. What is essential in politics is the class the Party represents -- in this case the Democrats representing capitalist class interests -- that is determinate.

Representing the cosmopolitan class interests of U.S. imperialism, and consequently of its outpost in Middle Asia, the garrison state Israel, the job of the Democrat's Congressional Black Caucus is to race bait "Arabs" in Africa, and thereby obfuscate what's really going on in Sudan. By presenting the civil war in Sudan as a racial conflict, the job assigned by the Democratic Party to its Congressional Black Caucus is to hoodwink African-Americans.

By making African-Americans think of the Civil War in Sudan as a "Arab versus Negro" issue, in the African context of history, Charles Rangel, and other Black Democrats are thereby removing the civil war in Sudan from the actual "Arab-Israeli" conflict, from the context of the present.

"Congressman Rangel, along with other members

of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), are

calling for an end to the genocide in Sudan. The

CBC is demanding sanctions against the

government of Sudan. Many of the protesters

are planning to get arrested. In addition

to being arrested, radio talk show host

and civil rights leader, Joe Madison, will

launch a hunger strike. ...Sudan Campaign

organizers pledge to continue demonstrations

until the Sudanese government stops the

genocide and returns over one million displaced

civilians to their homes & . The Sudan Campaign

calls on the Security Council of the

United Nations to adopt Chapter 7 sanctions

on Sudan, to suspend the membership of

the government for Sudan on the U. N. Human

Rights Commission, and to enable slave

and other victims of the Sudanese government's

declared jihad against Black Africans to

return to their homes."


This is a lie.

There is no "jihad against 'Black' Africans" in Sudan: the Sudanese in the North are themselves "Black Africans"!

To avoid misinterpretation: I am not saying that it is okay for the government of Sudan to kill folk because it is Blacks killing Blacks.

On the contrary, I advocate that all the wars in Middle Asia and Africa come to an end. At the same time, as a cosmopolitan proletarian and a communist, I stand with the Palestinian working-class intifada, and the Iraqi working-class resistance as their victories are the only acceptable condition for peace in the Middle East, North Africa, and indeed world-wide.


If I would have had the chance,

To make the decision;

Every man could walk this earth,

On equal conditions;

Every child would do more,

Than dream of a star;

All the strife and death would cease,

And I would put an end to war!

Archie Shepp


Globally, it is only by the cosmopolitan, multiethnic proletariat coming to power, not as Blacks or whites but as workers seizing the productive forces and thereupon abolishing global capitalism, that all wars will cease. The transformation of imperialist and ethnic wars into proletarian class war the workers in the military turning their guns on their officers, overthrowing all existing governments by workers and peasant's revolutions.

The reason that I have written this article is to show that the continuation of the present war in Sudan is the work of U.S. imperialism and Israeli Zionism against the Sudanese government, because that government has supported the Palestinian liberation and resistance organizations. African-Americans, who sincerely want to see an end to the Civil War that has so devastated Sudan, North as well as South, must fight the U.S. policy of funding and arming Israel in its genocidal war against Palestinians on one hand, and Israel's arming, training and, together with the U.S., funding the reactionary Christians in the South, on the other.

The Sudanese are Black Africans, whereas the CBC is American-Americans with nothing in common with Africa or Africans. The objective of the CBC, working on behalf of their Zionist backers and Israeli lobbyists, is to destroy the African country, Sudan, the same way they endorsed the sanctions and bombing campaigns by America and Britain that destroyed Iraq. The CBC propaganda war against Sudan, the same as against Iraq can only be understood by placing it in its actual Middle Eastern context. The CBC has also voted for sanctions on Syria.

While American Negroes and their Democratic Party leadership is calling on the U.N. to engage genocidal sanctions on Sudan as they did sanctions on Iraq, and Libya, Kofi Annan threatens invasion. The hypocrisy, both of the U.N., along with U.S. imperialism and the Congressional Black Democrats is obvious, since they do not similarly call on the U.N. to engage sanctions on Israel for possessing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass murder and destruction. Nor do these Congressional Negro Democrats call on the U.N. to invade Israel to protect Palestinians and promote the Palestinians right to return to their homes.

The Palestinian refugees are the native Arab inhabitants of historic Palestine, which today is comprised of Israel proper, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They were displaced by Israeli military forces during the 1948 and 1967 Arab-Israeli wars and now live in various countries, predominantly Jordan. There are three main groups of refugees:

1) Those who were made refugees in 1948 outside Israel.

2) Those who were internally displaced and remained within the areas that became Israel (Palestinians with Israeli citizenship)

3) And those forced off their land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967

Two thirds of all Palestinians are refugees. They make up around one third of the world's refugee population and are also one of the oldest refugee groups.


We show below that the history of the tragic civil war in Sudan has been the result of an Israeli policy, funded and supplied by America. It is not about race, ethnicity and religious jihad, but about wars in the Middle East created and sustained by U.S. imperialism and Zionism.

Christian mercenaries, and ethnic militias with the support of Israel, the U.S., and international Christian organizations, destabilize Sudan because the Sudanese government is helping the Palestinians resist Israel's American backed genocidal war on Palestinians. Masquerading as Black nationalists, the very same Negro Democrats crying crocodile tears ostensibly for genocide victims in Sudan have annually and repeatedly voted billions of dollars for the arming and funding of Israel's genocidal policies: killing and maiming Palestinians, destroying their houses and expropriating the Palestinian's lands.

But, here's where the Democrats place the race mask on the Democrat's faces: the Democrats of the Congressional Black Caucus masquerade as Blacks, lying that it is out of "Black solidarity" with the "Black Sudanese", against "Arabs". The drivel that they are out in protest "as Blacks" against "genocide" completely fail to mention, and they know it to be so, that this conflict in Sudan was fed by Israeli Zionism and U.S. imperialism acting on behalf of Israel. The southern military organizations are themselves tools of U.S. imperialist and Israeli Zionist policy: stopping Sudan from helping the Palestine people's resistance to U.S. armed and funded Zionist Israeli policy of genocide.

Take away their racial mask and all you see in the CBC is the faces of Democrats, financed by Zionists and capitalists to promote the interests of U.S. imperialism and Zionism. It is hypocritical that these Democrats who annually vote to fund and arm Israel's genocidal policies have the nerve to come out against the government that is aiding the Palestinian liberation movement and the resistance fighting genocide. It was, and is in the interests of Israel to have fanned the flames of ethnic and religious wars in Sudan.

Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) masquerading as "Blacks" concerned with genocide in Sudan are in unison with both their party, the pro-Zionistic Democrats, and the Zionist Christian Republican base, joining in support of Israeli genocidal suppression of the Palestinian people.

From the very beginning Israel's Sudan policy has been to nurture, with guns and training, the reactionary mercenaries in the south of Sudan, against the government in order to break Sudan's support for the Palestinians. The U.S. and Israeli politicians and medias want to move the world's attention away from U.S. and Israeli barbarities in Iraq and occupied Palestine to divert from Middle Asia to instead focus on an African, Muslim government. What they don't say is that Israelis and American arms and funds are in many respects responsible for this civil war in Sudan going on for so many decades.

Right-Wing Democrat Negro support to the Christian mercenaries in the Civil War in Sudan is not in the interest of peace, but in carrying forth, in the name of helping "Black Africans resist Arab genocide", the pro-Zionist attack on Sudan. It is not about stopping genocide. The Congressional Black Caucus has for decades voted money and arms for Israel to carry out its genocidal policies against the Palestinian people. Only last week the CBC voted affirmative to a Congressional Resolution condemning the World Court for its demand that Israel stop building its wall around Palestinian ghetto areas.

The CBC protests and call for sanctions on Sudan is no different, and is in the same interests as their support for sanctions on and bombings of Iraq under the Clinton Presidency. Using the "struggle against 'Arab' racism" as a ploy, the objective of the American Republicans and Democrats in Congress is furtherance of U.S./ Israeli geopolitical domination in Middle Asia and North Africa. The real issues are oil in Sudan, and Israeli-U.S. fear that the Sudanese government's support of the Palestinian liberation and resistance organizations will increase with its anticipated oil wealth.

The United States -- indirectly, or directly through Israel -- has been arming and funding the so-called animists and Christians in opposition to the Sudanese government. Israel has been directly arming, training and funding these Sudanese mercenaries and reactionaries. The job of the American Negro in the Democratic Party is to turn these political issues, revolving about the economics of Sudan's oil, into support for the surrender of Africans to U.S. imperialism, insomuch as those fools have been suckered into believing that the Sudanese are "Arabs", and the Christians "Black Africans".

I feel silly for having to engage in a superficial politics of race, except I am forced to do so by the fact that the professional Negroes in the Congressional Black Caucus of the Democratic Party have been told by their White Party leaders to support U.S. imperialism and Zionism in opposition to Sudan as a "race issue". So, to dispense with the "racial genocide" lie and line: Look at the photos -- the morphological characteristics including their color and their hair of the Sudanese members of government!

30-JUN-2004: U.S. Secretary of the State, Colin Powell, right, and Sudanese foreign minister Mustafa Osman Ismail, far left, in Khartoum, Tuesday evening, June 29, 2004. Powell who arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday night held a joint press conference.

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Black man shaking hands with American Secretary of State Colin Powell, capitulating to U.S. imperialism, and thus to the Zionist garrison state ("Israel"). Powell demanded that Sudan cease its support to Palestinian resistance.

I really don't think that the color-race issue is of importance: the Zionists, and U.S. government and media, has created the racial paradigm as an ideological political ploy to win support, among African Americans and Black Africans, for U.S. and Israeli policies in Middle Asia and North Africa. It is a Democrat campaign among American Blacks, whose socialization in racist American culture makes them already see every issue in the world as a racial paradigm.

The myth perpetrated among African-Americans by the American and Israeli politicians and media is that Sudanese Black Africans are Arabs -- Semites -- murderers of Africans. Whereas, on the other hand, among Christians they say the Sudanese sand-Niggers are murdering Christians. U.S., and Israeli politicians, and propagandists, while publicly presenting the Civil War in Sudan a "race" and/or religious war, between Northern Muslim Arabs and Southern Christian Africans when speaking and writing among themselves know full well that race and religion are really none issues.

They hide the facts that it is Israel and the United States that are responsible for this tragedy by continuing to arm and fund mercenaries and militias in the South. The U.S. and Israel, countries whose governments don't give a damn about African lives, perpetrate the military aggression in Sudan that has kept that country in civil war for decades.

Looking at the real history, in context of the Zionist aggressions in the region reveals that the racial ploy is predicated upon a lie generated by and emanating from U.S. and Israeli political and journalist circles. The Israeli and U.S. intervention in Sudan -- arming, training and funding reactionary Christian militias in the South, is a deliberate policy of war making, and it is this U.S./Zionist policy that has resulted in permanent war and millions of deaths, and refugee problems.

The for the hostility of U.S. imperialism and Zionism to Sudan is because Sudan has been a front line state in the Palestinians struggle against Zionism, providing office space and assistance to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.

The real genocide in the Middle East is being committed by the blood soaked armies of Israel against the Palestinians, and the United States against the Iraqis. Only a fool would believe that these racist aggressors and mass murderers of Palestinians and Iraqis are concerned about the well being of "Black Africans".

Snip: The origins of the civil war in the south date back to the 1950s. By 1969 the rebels had developed foreign contacts to obtain weapons and supplies. Israel, for example, trained Anya Nya recruits and shipped weapons via Ethiopia and Uganda to the rebels.



Snip: Ever since the 1960s, the southern Christians have been in a state of organized rebellion against the Khartoum administration run by the Muslim Arabs in the north. This rebellion is organized by a Christian organization calling itself the 'Anya-Nya.'" http://www.harunyahya.com/spring14.php


"But why was Israel so interested in a landlocked country in Central Africa? Israel was backing rebellion in southern Sudan to punish Sudan for supporting the Arab cause in the Six-Day War. "They do not want the rebels to win. They want to keep them fighting."



"An EIR team probing the causes behind the genocidal wars that have been ravaging East and Central Africa over the last four years, has uncovered a covert arms and logistical supply network run out of the U.S. State Department, which mirrors precisely the notorious Iran-Contra arms supply operation of the 1980s. & EIR has uncovered two, overlapping operations. First, is the covert supply of arms to the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA) of John Garang, which has waged a totally unsuccessful but nevertheless genocidal war against the Sudan government since 1983. The second involves covert military logistical aid to the so-called rebel forces arrayed against the government of Laurent Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an operation being run directly out of the U.S. State Department with the oversight of Rice."



Snip: As can be imagined, Israel heads the list of those backing the Anya-Nya uprising. In his book The Israeli Connection, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi reveals that Israel has supported the southern rebels since the 1960s. Ever since that time, Israel has given the Anya-Nya movement arms and military training. Israeli intelligence organization the Mossad established links with the southern rebels via its stations in Uganda, Chad, Ethiopia and the Congo, and some 30 Anya-Nya guerrillas were given special training at Mossad headquarters in the city of Torit. In 1970 Israel reached an agreement with Uganda, to the south of Sudan, thus expanding its ability to use the Uganda-Sudan border and to support Anya-Nya. According to the mercenary Rolf Steiner, who fought with the Anya-Nya, Israel was the southern rebels' most important backer.



Snip: The principal insurgent faction is the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), a body created by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). The SPLA was formed in 1983 when Lieutenant Colonel John Garang of the SPAF was sent to quell a mutiny in Bor of 500 southern troops who were resisting orders to be rotated to the north. Instead of ending the mutiny, Garang encouraged mutinies in other garrisons and set himself at the head of the rebellion against the Khartoum government. Garang, a Dinka born into a Christian family, had studied at Grinnell College, Iowa, and later returned to the United States to take a company commanders' course at Fort Benning, Georgia, and again to earn advanced economics degrees at Iowa State University. By 1986 the SPLA was estimated to have 12,500 adherents organized into twelve battalions and equipped with small arms and a few mortars. By 1989 the SPLA's strength had reached 20,000 to 30,000; by 1991 it was estimated at 50,000 to 60,000.



Snip: When, on May 3, 2000 US president George W. Bush said in a speech to the American Jewish committee that 'we must turn the eyes of the world upon the atrocities in Sudan" but only as a "first step', adding that "more will follow", he knew what he was talking about. At the end of May the Bush administration announced that it had decided to grant $3 million to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), an umbrella organisation opposed to the government in Khartoum, and to release to the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) the $10 million already earmarked for this southern Christian rebel group. And on June 14 the US House of Representatives voted to prohibit foreign oil-companies that do business in Sudan from raising capital in the US or listing their securities in American financial markets. The legislators, who voted for this decision by 422 votes to 2, accused the "Muslim-dominated" governments of using oil revenues to commit "genocide" against the Christian and animist people of the south.



U.S. Wanted Excuse To Bomb Sudan Factory - Clark


Sept. 21, 1998 wire service

U.S. Wanted Excuse To Bomb Sudan Factory - Clark

Reuters 7.32 p.m. ET (2333 GMT) September 22, 1998

NEW YORK  Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said Tuesday the U.S. government had wanted an excuse to strike at Sudan last month and the decision to bomb a pharmaceutical plant there was strictly political. Clark said the factory had produced 90 percent of Sudan's major pharmaceutical needs.


It isn't in any way surprising that the Black members of Congress, the Negro faction in the Democratic Party's Congressional cadres, who have stood as Democrats in open, vicious, racist support of Israel's genocide against Palestinians, and the Clinton genocidal sanctions on and bombing of Iraq, is now hypocritically playing the "race card" for the U.S. government -- shedding crocodile tears about "Black 'genocide'" in Sudan.

/-/-/Sidebar: It is ironic that the case made against Black Nubians of Sudan, that they are Semitic Arabs and not "Negro Africans", is made by Black Americans, including among them "Black nationalists", and racial pan-Africanists that make their living by bragging, to Black Americans, that the ancient Egyptians were in fact Negroes from Mereo of Nubia: that land that is today called Sudan.

"In ancient times the border of southern (or "Upper") Egypt was much further south than where it is today. Upper Egypt in ancient times extended well into what is now the country of Sudan (known in ancient times as Nubia or Kush). It was from Upper Egypt (Nubia or Kush) that the first pharaoh of Egypt Narmer (also known as Menes) went out to conquer and unify all of Egypt into one nation or kingdom." http://www.homestead.com/wysinger/nubians10.html

Nubia today is Sudan, and the Black Sudanese people in the North, (as evidenced in the photographs above) are Black skinned, nappy headed descendants of the Black skinned nappy headed Nubians who founded Egypt, and established its civilization -- see e.g. Herodotus History, Hegel's Philosophy of History, and Diop's African Origins of Civilization.

Nubia was also called - Upper & Lower Nubia, Kush, Land of Kush, Te-Nehesy, Nubadae, Napata, or the Kingdom of Meroei. http://www.crystalinks.com/nubia.html

In order to oppose the Sudanese government by describing -- actually denouncing in racist Black rhetoric -- Sudanese as "Arabs", because these Blacks are Muslims in opposition to Zionism, the "Black nationalists" and racial pan-Africanists undermine their own premise that the Nubians, and consequently earliest Egyptians were Negro Blacks. More than that, since Mali and Song-hay were Islamic kingdoms participating in the commerce and culture of Islamic North Africa and the Middle East, the empires of Mali and Song-hay would also have to be excluded from "Black Africa"!


"Timbuktu was originally established by Tuareg nomads as a seasonal camp 10 km north of the northernmost loop of the Niger River (c.1100 A.D.). Today, Timbuktu falls in the modern-day country of Mali. At its height, Timbuktu laid on the crossroads of three major trade routes between West Africa and Tripoli, Alexandria, and Cairo to the northeast. Under these conditions, Timbuktu flourished. Probably annexed by the Empire of Mali around 1300, their king, Mansa Musa, built his royal residence, the Madugu, in Timbuktu.

Timbuktu reached its height under the Songhai Kingdom. Its famous university, Sankore, attracted scholars and students from all over the Muslim world. Scholars trained in Mecca or Cairo came to teach there. Caravans containing hundreds of camels left almost daily on trade missions to other parts of Africa." http://www.angelfire.com/ga/timbuktu13/

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