April 21, 2004

America's Way of Propaganda and War was written a year or so prior to the present U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. It was posted and preserved in Russia or Ukraine, on their worldwideweb. http://www.leviy.ru/news/2002/23_08_2002_zn10.htm

I thank them because at the time I didn't know how to do it. (Just as now I have not yet learned to get rid of these thick letters!)



OPIN: America's Way of Propaganda and War in Middle Asia/North Africa.

By Lil Joe

Propaganda campaigns to demonize an enemy country's leadership, as a tyrant, dictator, extremist, a madman and a monster has always been the role of the U.S. politicians and its media. Before a war is waged, the American people are brought on board in believing that America or/and its allies are being victimized by Hitler-like creatures who must be "stopped".

As the Zionist state, dominated by European Jewish settlers, is finding it more and more impossible to dominate a region in Asia/Africa populated by a hundred million Muslims and Arabs, it is finding it more the necessary to turn to the United States to fight on its and its own behalf in the region. But, this can be sold to the American public only by first, or at least at the same time, demonizing the Arab (if not all) Muslims. This is especially important with respect to Arab and Muslim leaders of the frontline states that are resisting regional Israeli, and thereby American domination. America call them "rogue states" -- Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya.

In 1980s the Reagan Administration waged a war of aggression on Libya. They claimed to have had in their possession "positive proof" that Libya's government had "masterminded" the explosion at a German disco, in which several American soldiers were killed. The U.S. also claimed that the Libyans masterminded the 1988 explosion on board Pan Am Flight 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland. In either cased the so-called "positive proof" has never been made available to the public, ostensibly for reasons of "national security" -. But, instead, to make it appear objective, by confirmation by a third party, the U.S., supposedly showed this "evidence" to its British collaborators. The British government, subsequently, endorsed the U.S. "retaliatory bombing" of Libya, and in particular the "accidental" bombing of the home of Gadhafi. Gadhafi's daughter was murdered by this attempted assassination

We now know that that "irrefutable proof" was none existent. The U.S. and their British lackeys concocted the whole lie, to justify an assassination raid in Libya to murder Gadhafy, and kill he and his family as they slept.

The Bush I Administration claimed to have had "irrefutable proof", of the atrocities committee by "Saddam Hussein" i.e. the Iraqi army, in Kuwait, the throwing Kuwaiti babies from life-support systems, &c. This was used by the American press to mobilize American support for the war against Iraq. This was also proven to be the lie.

Gullible, Americans were told by the Bush II Administration, that it had "irrefutable evidence", that Bin Laden was the "mastermind" behind 9/11, which evidence was "shown" to the British government and endorsed by Tony Blaire, who said he "saw it".

As in the case of the supposed "irrefutable evidence" on the Libyan connection with Pan Am, once again the American public was gullible enough to trust their leaders who told them this evidence could not be released to the general public for reasons of "national security". Yet, it was in their belief in the existence of this "evidence" that the American people are guilty for their support to the destruction of Afghanistan, ostensibly because the Afghan government allowed bin Laden to live in their country, after having been ordered by the US to force him out. "All countries that harbor terrorists are sponsors of terrorism", and subject to American wrath.

Gadhafi has maintained all along that the bogus charge that Libyans were engaged in so-called "state sponsored terrorism", was concocted to isolate Libya because of it's support for the African people in South Africa against the racist apartheid regime, on one hand, and its commitment to support the Palestinian people in their just struggle against racist Zionist occupation of Palestinian territories and genocidal policies against the Palestinian people, on the other hand.

The "terrorist" organizations that Gadhafi supported were the ANC led by Nelson Mandela, and the PLO led by Yasser Arafat. Yet, today, both Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat, because of their capitulation to Western imperialism have been awarded in Stockholm Sweden the Nobel Peace Prize. How, or rather why, is it that the alleged "terrorists" organizations "sponsored" by Libya acknowledged as having been right in their resistance to racism and Zionism with their leaders recognized as men of peace and goodwill while at the same time Libya, and its leader still denounced as "sponsors of terrorism" for having supported them in their just causes?

The United States wants to be known by its citizens as the world's recognized beacon of Peace and Freedom but it is in fact recognized as a bully-power which backs regimes of racism, repression and terror.

It was the racist thug regimes of White (European) settler colonists, in South Africa and Israel that in each location denounced the indigenous people, of Africa and Palestine, as "savages", and their respective liberation organizations as so-called "terrorists". Since Libya supported these liberation movements it was denounced by the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and by the Zionist regime in Palestine as "sponsors of terrorism".

This came to be the case with Iran, following the overthrow of the American puppet regime of the Shah. Iran broke ties with the backers of Apartheid in South Africa and Zionist in Middle Asia, and upon the Islamic regime throwing its considerable muscle behind the PLO and the ANC, was denounced equally by the Apartheid and Zionist regimes, and by their U.S. supporters as "sponsors of terrorism". The United States encouraged Iraq, which wanted to be the leader in the militant Islamic world, to invade Iran. The U.S. sponsored Iraq in this bloody, regional war: a war of Muslim killing Muslim.

When the Zionist Israeli regime extended its territory northward, into southern Lebanon ostensibly to "protect itself from PLO bases operating in Lebanon", it created a Lebanese resistance movement, including Hes bo'Allah, the Druz socialists, and Amal. It was in this invasion of Lebanon that the Israelis helped created its Christian fascist militia, the Phalange militia which was with Israeli sponsorship responsible for the massacring of thousands of Palestinians in Lebanon. A long and bloody civil war broke out, which drew Syria into the conflict.

Lebanon is historically part of Syria, and so the latter was drawn directly into the conflict in support of Lebanon's resistance. Because of its support of the Lebanon's resistance organizations, Syria was, as would be expected, labeled by Israel and the United States as "sponsors of terrorism"!

The United States is the principle supplier to the Zionist state of Israel of weapons of mass destruction, tanks, missiles, jet-fighter planes, and representative of Israel's its interests in the United Nations. Zionism is terrorism, the indiscriminate massacres of Palestinian Arabs in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. The U.S. - Israeli policy is indeed prima fascia one of State Sponsored Terrorism.

The United States first intervened militarily in Middle Asia, directly, in the 1980s shelling of Lebanon, and setting up a military base in the region by hiding its terrorist base in the guise of "peace keeping". They were bombed out of the area by a single truck bomb. They returned fire, shelling from the safety of a distant sea craft. There followed U.S. bombings in Syria and Libya. The Clinton regime bombed Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq, Iraq repeatedly because the people of these countries support the Palestinian intifada.

So long as the Soviet Union existed, having nuclear parity with the United States, and a more formidable conventional force than the U.S. and NATO combined, the American policy was somewhat restricted. However, the Soviet state-bureaucratic capitalist system collapsed, resulting in a new, privatizing regime in league of the United States which emerged its economic masters.

Thus, as the world's only remaining rogue superpower, it went after -- nay, is going after -- Israel's enemies with bloody wrath. Iraq was first, because it dared to turn on its American masters which had enabled it to fight Iran, by continuing its support for the Palestinians; and for Iraq's manipulating oil prices in its own, rather than Western, economic interests. This war on Iraq killed millions, destroyed its economic infrastructure, damaged its military, and isolated it politically as it continued its economic sanctions, killing tens of millions more Iraqis.

But Israel is not satisfied. Israel wants America to wage another military assault on Iraq, this time with the goal of dismantling the existing government. The Israelis, and their Democratic and Republican Party supporters of Zionism in the U.S. Congress wants the Bush regime to kill Saddam and set up a puppet regime.

The Israelis have already destroyed the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, with the backing of the United States and also with U.S. backing wants to get rid of Arafat in Palestine, and wants the US to directly get rid of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and to also wage war on its enemy, Syria.

Li'l Joe

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