May, 2008

Don't Be Nobody's Fool
By Lil Joe


I do not play political ploys and games, certainly not American politics of skin color games and/or gender. I do however recognize game when I see it: the con games of pimps, preachers and politicians - pimps have their "stables", preachers their "flocks" and politicians their "constituency". As pimps turn their women as prostitutes to Johns and tricks, it is in this same way that preachers turn over their flocks into constituent voting blocs to this or that politician and political party.

Racialism in American politics is also a political hustle - whether it be Dixiecrats or "conservative Republicans" who appeal to the culture of white racism into which so-called "White" workers were assimilated as the results of deliberate economic relations of production and political policies these individuals internalized the cultural myth of race, and of "white supremacy", or be the political hustle of Democrats, masquerading as defenders of "Blacks", and their protectors from Republican "racists" and "fascists", in both cases "race" and "racism are political ploys to tie American workers to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party was based in the Slave-owning landed aristocracy in the South, the Party of Andrew Jackson:

Black escaped slaves and abolitionists were attracted to the Republican Party, which was based on the exploitation of wage labor as opposed to slave labor. It was in the years of the Great depression that the Keynesian policies of the Wisconsin School (as opposed to the liberal and monetarist policies of the Chicago School) together with World War II ended the Depression and resulted in a post-war boom that attracted Black workers and workers and trade unionists generally to the Democratic Party of Roosevelt's New Deal, Kennedy's social liberalism and the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson.

The Black Christian ministers of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference led protests that eventually did away with legal racial discrimination and , and their alliance with President Johnson got voting rights. Afterward, most of these former Civil Rights activist-preachers became Democratic Party politicians - e.g. Andrew Young, John Lewis and of course Jesse Jackson.

The Southern Dixiecrats bailed from the Democratic Party, and were sucked up into the Republican Party. This assimilation of in the racist whites of the US "Red States", was paralleled by the Blacks into the Democratic Party.

In the post civil rights and Black power activism many of these preachers and civil rights and black power activists went into politics - in the Democratic Party, winning for their Party representatives from gerrymandered "Black" city, county, state and federal districts and states. They promote the lie that Black Democrats in office represent their "Black constituency" -- rather than the democratic Party.

The Republican Party went further in penetrating the racist American whites, by Nixon's "Southern Strategy" and their opposition to "forced busing", "affirmative action" and anti-immigrant demagogy. The Republican Party also got its own crew of preachers - Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority", then Pat Robertson's "Christian Coalition".

Thus, so-called "Black power" activists and groups, together with the unions, and even the Communist Party U.S.A., and an assortment of Maoist groups, joined the Democratic Party, to whom the Jesse Jackson campaign for Presidential nomination opened the door to all kinds of Black and Red opportunists.

The job of these Black racialists and fake communists is to frighten Blacks and workers into voting for Democratic Party agents of capital. Now, they are turning their white supremacy and fascism charges on Hillary Clinton.

This is what Hillary Clinton actually said: (click Youtube)

Now see this one:
Hillay Clinton is a white supremacist, PROOF HARD AS ROCK

And this one:

And this one:

The funny thing in this, is that the same Blacks who are today backing Obama - Black Democrats - backed Clinton in her Senate campaign, against "Republican racists", and Bill Clinton, as "comfortable with Blacks" and against "Republican racists", even after in the first campaign he murdered a black inmate, and in the second campaign even after welfare reform threw single moms into the streets.

The job of the "Black left" along with the socialist and communist traitors of the class struggle, is to present Republicans as racists and fascists, thus back handed endorsing and campaigning for the Democrats. Now that one of their own is running against another Democrat, they expose themselves as nothing but Negro Democrat hypocrites and class traitors by backing Obama, using the same rhetoric- now all of a sudden Clinton is a "white supremacist and a Hitler.

The real struggle in the Democratic Party primaries is that there is a faction fight between the liberals represented by Kennedy, Jesse Jackson Jr, and now by Obama, which is fighting to take their party back from the Democratic Leadership Council, which is represented by the Southerners Sam Nunn, the Clintons, Gore, and Lieberman before he left. The DLC was formed in response to the Nixon Southern Strategy and the Reagan- "conservative Christian" coalition.

Similarly, in the Republican Party it is the Republican "moderate" factions of "Rockefeller Republicans" - represented by McCain, that is advancing to reclaim the Republican Party and politicians, away from the alliance of the Christian right represented by Robertson.

Mike Huckabee, being that he is both a Republican Party politician and a right-winged religious Zealot, embodies in his person and style this patriotic god political campaign, the nexus of the emerged 1980s combination that forged a union in the 1980s Reagan Republican/Christian Coalition coalition.

The 1970s-80s, following the 1950s-70s military defeat of French imperialism and U.S. imperialism's defeats in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, confused and depressed U.S. imperialism. This was so, because: the American working class majority had been assimilated into the ideological culture of U.S. imperialism by the 1950s post-war boom, became gullible to believe American culture, perspective of foreign policy US imperialism both culturally was, and its armies pushed for absolute "truth, justice, and the American way" : viz, as the way of the land of the free. topic=articles/josh-grayson1and

US imperialism in the 2nd world war, had not itself been a casualty of that war domestically. Other than Pearl Harbor, America had not been bombed. Rather, US imperialism exploited the mutual destruction of productive forces and decrease in the surplus populations.

The so-called "American Century" based in 20th century wars, was evolved from American distances, yet participating in the wars - achieved and crowned by:

A: The Bretton Woods Agreement -

B: The Marshall Plan

The U.S. military occupation of West Germany and Japan: The-failure-of-empire-American.html

America liberates France, Italy, &c., from German Nazi occupation &/or Italian fascist domination -but what about the fascist regimes in Spain and Portugal? No! The Portuguese State was supported by the US to maintain Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau as African colonies, they supported the French war against Vietnamese independence, they supported Apartheid South Africa. Americans don't know about that, so they are told that US foreign wars are always fighting for so-called "freedom", as opposed to what it actually is, Imperialism, colonialism or neo- colonialism.

Also see: the-soviet-union-china-and-the-west-in-southern-africa.html

Gullible Americans whose Christianity is flavored by this, the culture into which they are born are taught by either manipulative political demagogues masquerading as god- chosen ministers of "the gospel" to believe that America is "blessed", because it blesses Abraham - by which it is said to mean supplying arms and funds to the State of Israel, or because these preachers are so gullible as to have believed this [political] pulpit Zionist imperialist propaganda.

In the 1950s-70s the Soviet Union was seen as the major enemy of US imperialism and Western European capitalism. The Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party, in those decades, presented a secular ideological attack on the Soviet Union by calling it totalitarian, and repressive of human rights, the latter concept having originated by the Carter government in the late 1970s.

But, at the same time - through the 1950s, 60s and 70s - there were pulpit propagandists, led by Hal Lindsey, who preached and wrote that the Soviet Union was not just bad to its people, but was in fact the "Gog and Magog" written of in the apocalyptic chapters in the Book of Ezekiel, in the Old Testament, and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. See Lindsey's "The Late Great Planet Earth":

The 1970s and into the 80s was also the time of the rise of political anti-communism and anti-cultural revolution of the televangelists. Among them, regurgitating Lindsey, were Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggard, Paul Crouch and Pat Robertson, each of whom had television programs or cable stations. What they did was to take advantage of European Zionists, backed by British, French and US imperialists expropriation of the lands of Palestinians to create the Zionist State, calling this crime against the Palestinian people "prophesy fulfillment".

What the Reagan faction of the Republican Party did, was to bloc with these reactionary anti-communists in the name of god, using their influence to identify god with the policies of the Republican Party's attacks on unions, welfare, cultural revolution, and of course on the Soviet Union, which Reagan as President called "the Evil Empire".

The quid pro quo was the rise to political prominence, and the legal looting of their congregations and home audience by these televangelists in exchange for them mesmerizing those congregations and home audiences with daily - 24/7 - tales of monsters from hell and heaven killing of the Soviets, Arabs, Muslims, and all other non-Christians (including Christians who disagree with their spin on "Bible prophesy"). Implicitly, and often even explicit in these tirades was that the only true Christians were "Christian conservatives in the Republican Party".

These reactionaries were loaded with billions of tax exempt dollars, were on television every day 24/7, and as such they recruited and duped tens of millions of Americans to then be used by the Republicans to justify US policies of arming, funding and training - Israel and counter-revolutionaries in Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, as well arming, training and funding the Zionist State in Palestine.

The "Reagan revolution", as the American print and electronic media propagandists call it, advanced the conflicts between U.S. imperialism and the Soviet Union - the so-called "Cold War" in Europe; by arming and funding the red hot bloody civil and tribal wars as foreign policy to draw the Soviet Union into costly wars in Africa, Central America, and into direct Soviet intervention in defense of Afghanistan. U.S. imperialism armed and trained Al Qaeda, among other reactionary forces to overthrow the secular government that was backed by the Soviet Union.

An unexpected consequence of the so-called Reagan Revolution was that with the Republican Party mass base becoming "Christian conservatives", Dobson, Robertson, Ralph Reed formed their own political factions with roots in the reactionary masses - political organizations like the "Christian Coalition", "The Family Research Council", "Christian Values" and so on, which made themselves indispensable to the Republican Party, which was now dependent upon these organizations to turn out the votes, Red Staters.

The unholy holy alliance of the American religious right and the Reagan-Republicans, represented by such politicians and ideologues as Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan had to themselves step aside when these "Conservative Christians" chose to instead ally themselves with the militant imperialist and Zionist camp of the neo-cons, represented by figures such as Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney.

What the Party Conventions of the Democratic Party delegates will decide, is which faction and perspective will dominate that Party of capitalists and their lackey party hacks - the returning of this party to its old liberal alliance, or whether it will on the contrary remain in the possession of the faction of capitalists represented by the Clinton/DLC.

In this Democratic Party faction fight, it's because most delegates, and now super-delegates as well, are lining up behind the Kennedy- Obama led liberal faction, that the Clintons are now appealing to the Reagan Democrats with neo-racist subliminal appeals to the racist elements which Nixon called "the silent majority" and was called by Jerry Falwell the "moral majority", and in particular to the reactionary racist workers the media called the "hard hats".

By appealing to "support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans ... who had not completed college" [talk about elitism!] - the same covert, subliminal racial appeals made by Nixon's "southern strategy" to win racist whites from the Democratic to the Republican Party - by so doing Clinton is saying to the Democratic Party Delegates and Super-Delegates that she can do her version of this "southern strategy". She is saying to these delegates to the Democratic Party that as a white American she can thereby cut into the ranks disaffected Republican racialists, and win the racist factions of the Electoral College in the General Election.

The logic of the DLC faction in the Democratic Party, is that Clinton can appeal as a white woman quoting the Bible - about having the "faith to move mountains" - as she did after "winning" the primary in Virginia. Clinton is intimating that as a white person, in spite of being a woman in politics rather than a house wife, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, that race trumps gender, and the Bible as well.

The feminists of principle - white as well as Black - would have as a matter of principle left the Clinton camp the moment she began her turn to the politics of racism.

This socialization of the Clinton camp started with Bill Clinton's remarks concerning Jesse Jackson winning South Carolina, was accelerated to the posting of out of context snippets from Reverend Wright's Sermon, and escalated with her direct appeal to white Americans to vote their racial identification with her, and for her. Does this make Clinton a "racist"? No, not necessarily. What it does prove, however, is that Bill and Hillary Clinton are unprincipled opportunists. See:

Meantime in the Republican Party: The "moderate Republicans" aka "Rockefeller Republicans" after the order Rockefeller, Nixon, Kissinger William Buckley and Gerald Ford, George Bush Sr. and Colin Powell, already, have not just overthrown the unholy alliance of the neocons with the so-called Christian Right.

The masses of the Religious Right crumbled because of the defeats of the Israeli army by the Lebanese Resistance led by Has'ballah, and the defeats of the US and British armies in Iraq. This wasn't supposed to happen, as it conflicted with the gibberish of the televangelists about "Bible prophesy".

But, also these American self-righteous so-called Christian conservatives, having been taught the "evils" of unmarried sexual activity, homo sexuality, pedophilia, and greed by the televangelists, are demoralized and their faith shaken to the core by the exposures and scandals of these televangelists and Republican politicians:

Jim Bakker:

Jimmy Swaggart:
AND AT: 21/newsid_2565000/2565197.stm

Bill Bennett: green.html

Rick Ousley

Ted Haggard

Mark Foley

Ralph Reed:,9171,1218060,00.html

Paul Crouch:

Tom Delay

Newt Gingrich: gingrich_had_affair_during_lewinski_scandal/

Now, personally, I am no peeping Tom or a Christian believer in the politics of anti-Sex - but the people I mentioned are. It's not an issue of their private lives and affairs, but that everyone of them made their political and religious careers by denouncing the very thing they were practicing in closets. As they lied about being sent by god to denounce these human practices, their followers are also asking whether they also lied about "Israel", and "Bible prophesy" - "Gog amd Magog" (which John Hegee has switched from the Soviet Union to be "Islam") and so on, given the realities they are forced to face in Palestine and Iraq.

When Hillary Clinton speaks about, and to "hard working White Americans", what she is doing is intimating to Democratic Party delegates and super-delegates that as a white woman she can connect with those disaffected white working class Republicans, who are fed up with the lies and the hypocrisy of the "Conservative Christian" masquerade of Republican Party politicians.

It is because on basic issues of class and foreign policy, that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party represent but different factions of the American ruling classes, that the American working people can switch from the one until they get fed up with it, to the other - again and again and again! The stuff about race and religion is nothing but smoke and mirrors, and American workers have to be forced to look behind the curtain to discover the fake Wizard.

In this connection, just as the Republican Party has thus far hoodwinked racist white Christian voters with patriotism and religious mumbo jumbo to win their votes - so it is that the Democrats use calling Republicans "white racists" to win, to hoodwink Black voters to vote democrat. In both cases, religion as well as race is nothing but show - that is, parading about the inessential masqueraded as essential.

But, if the reader just looked at and listened to the Youtube videos posted above, to see that the presentation of Clinton's statements about white supremacists being able to get "faith based money" from the government, it is obvious that she is opposed to it. In the second video, her words are taken out of context - she is actually quoting "white supremacists" in order to show what's wrong with the general concept of "faith based" funding of white supremacist institutions.

These videos against Clinton as a "white supremacist" are lies, to manipulate Black voters into emotionally voting against her, and for Obama. I must here make it clear that I don't endorse Clinton or Obama, nor any other Democrat, or Republican.

I am writing this article only to make the point that race and racism is demagogic bullshit that is used by both factions of the Democratic Party, by the Clintons to get to get delegates and super-delegates to select her as Presidential candidate for their Party by claiming she as a white woman can win over the disaffected racist white Republicans in the General Election, but she is really fighting to maintain control of the Democratic Party by the Democratic Leadership Council.

On the other hand, Barak Obama's faction is the Liberals in the traditions of Franklin D. Rooselvelt, of the Wisconsin School, which wants to regain control of that Party.

Race, religion, homosexuality, abortion, flags and so on are manipulative sham "issues". The real issue is class power!

Lil Joe


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