December 13, 2005

"Democratic" Elections Under Occupation is a Sham

by Lil Joe

Iraqi occupation moves toward its intended 'justification' by 'elections' to be held on Thursday. This is the final lie that the invasion was/is to 'institute democracy' (the other lies have already been exposed as lies as such -- viz. "Weapons of Mass Destruction with delivery systems capable of hitting Israel and Europe" and the so-called "Bin Laden connection" as well as lies regarding Iraq's ostensible "Nuclear weapons potential and deployment capacity".

It is this incredible propaganda qua 'nobility as motive' i.e. the Euro-centric acculturation racist saturated ideology of the so-called "White man's burden", by socialization and education, that has been internalized by the most gullible of Americans, that all 3rd world countries want to mirror the American capitalist system and bourgeois class rule, masquerading as political 'democracy'.


Janurary 6, 2005

Statement on Iraq

by Aduku Addea and Li'l Joe

In the heat of the struggle the Worker Communist Party, of all parties, cannot be a bystander!!! The communists are supposed to lead workers. They aught not to be the rear-guards, or, the fence-sitters.

It is the working people of Iraq that are doing the fighting and dying in the resistance movement. And they are also the so-called "collateral damage."


April 10, 2004

Iraq, Vietnam and Politics of War

by Li'l Joe

Iraqi Working-class militias have liberated over three southern Iraqi cities, which are predominately Shiite. Meanwhile, worker's militias are intensifying their resistance to occupation in the predominately Sunni city of Fallujah. In escalating revolt against the occupation, Iraqi working-class and poor, both Shiite and Sunni militias are working together, improving and coordinating military operations against U.S. occupation forces, and their allies and Iraqi Lackeys.


March 10, 2004

On The Iraq Constitution

Lil Joe

I will examine and comment upon this so-called Constitution or "Law" section by section, to as much as possible avoid convolution.


Iraqi working class under US occupation