August 6, 2004

Discussing Sudan #2

by Lil Joe

The Anglo-American aggressions and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Israeli pogroms in Palestine are on the verge of extending into Africa -- Sudan. British and American politicians and media propagandists are presently galvanizing hostility to the "Arab" government of Sudan.

We are examining why this is so.

In context of their murderous history and current policies in the Middle Asia and North Africa, it is obviously not because they give a damn about the tragedy in Sudan but are opportunistically exploiting this tragedy. Rather, before a war is waged, the American people are brought on board by propaganda campaigns to demonize individuals in the government of the country in its sights as a tyrant, dictator, and extremist, a madman and a monster which has always been the role of the U.S. politicians and its media.

As the Zionist state of American and European Jewish settler-colonists as such are rejected by the peoples of the Middle Asia/North Africa region, the Zionist state of Israel is finding it more and more impossible to terrorize a region populated by a hundred million Muslims and Arabs. Israel has been finding it more the necessary to turn to the United States to fight on its and its own behalf in the region.

But, this can be sold to the American public only by first, or at least at the same time, demonizing the Arab (if not all) Muslims. This is especially important with respect to Arab and Muslim leaders of the frontline states that are resisting regional Israeli and U.S. domination and reign of terror by brutal genocidal occupations.

Sudan's political commitment to Palestinian liberation organizations and of the resistance movements in Palestinian on one hand, and its [Sudan's] political opposition to the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq on the other, has resulted in five decades of American funding and arming Israel's interventions against the Sudanese government.

However, American -- together with British -- politicians and propagandists have a lack of credibility in the world, and even in their own countries, in consequence of the lies and slander delivered through the medias, and by Cook and in particular Colin Powell to the U.N. Thus the British and American government's strategy of demonizing Sudan's government as "genocidal racist Arabs", has been handed over to the so-called NGOs such as "Human Rights Watch" and Amnesty International on one hand, and the African-American Democrats of the so-called Congressional Black Caucus on the other.

The so-called "NGOs" are tax exempt and to that extent are indirectly government funded.

To articulate their opposition to the Sudan government as "humane", and even from compassion for "Black folk", the Democratic Party has assigned its Congressional Blacks to form an alliance with Republican members of Congress and fundamentalist preachers to excise the war in Sudan from its Middle Asian/North African context of genocidal pogroms on Arab peoples.

In connection with their murderous voting history regarding U.S. Middle Asia and North Africa policies it is obvious that the Democrat's Congressional Black Causes' show staging of anti-Arab Sudan protests is not because they give a damn about the tragedy in Sudan but are opportunistically exploiting this tragedy.

Sudan, the same as Iraq has provided safe haven for Palestinian liberation organizations, and political support to the intifada. The United States government, while using "protection of the Blacks" as an altruistic ideological ploy to demonize the Land of the Black's leadership as "Arabs", the real deal is to take out yet another Palestinian ally against Zionist occupation.

What is amazing is how so many people who daily witness Israeli occupation troop's genocidal pogroms in the West Bank and Gaza, and the bloody American occupation of Iraq, can believe the demagogic propaganda.

The term Sudan is translated "Land of the Blacks".

In Gale Daggs' Comments on Sudan she pointed out:

All the people of Sudan are practically the

same skin color although in the North there

may be more variation in skin colors than

in other parts of Sudan due to Arab invasion

about the 8th century. Although there are

many languages in Sudan, Arabic is spoken

in all parts of the country.

The conflicts in Sudan are not consequence of racism of Arabs, but economic based ethnic conflicts.

Why Khartoum wants a war in Darfur

Friday July 30th, 2004.

Ali Ali-Dinar, The Parliamentary Brief

July 2004 -- Since the early 1970s, Darfur has been affected by waves of climatic changes which have forced some groups to migrate. Zaghawa moved from their homeland (Dar Zaghawa) to settle in the lands of the Fur, Arabs, Masalit, Birged, and as well as in many urban centres in Darfur and beyond.

This gradual movement took place without reported incidents and without assistance from the government. The same could be said of the movement of nomadic Arabs looking for pastures for their livestock.

Until recently, land ownership, and ethnic boundaries have been respected amicably by different ethnic groups in Darfur. Disputes were resolved in traditional conferences (ajaweed/muatamarat al sulh) whose rulings were always respected and honoured.

Even at times when the government was involved it served as a facilitator and not as an enforcer. Government neutrality contained ethnic conflicts not only in Darfur but also in Kordofan and in the south.

Gale Daggs' Comments:

The present conflict in western Sudan, Darfor

began as a conflict between pastoralists and

agriculturalists. The pastroralists are the

janjaweed and the agriculturalists are the so-called

rebels or peasant army, the JEM, (Justice and

Equality Movement) who have been corrupted by

their association with the SPLA or Sudanese

Peoples Liberation Army in the South that has just

signed a peace agreement with the North referred

to as the Arab North and the South as the

animist and sometimes Christian South.

Western and American politicians and media are not informing their citizens of the fact that the "rebels" in southern Sudan represent different economic groups, pastoral Bedouin needing grazing land to feed their flocks in contradiction to agriculturalist, who used land to farm. This contrast of interests, and periodic bloody struggles between these two modes of production and life has existed in the region for thousands of years, and is recorded in the first few chapters of Genesis in the conflicts of Cain, the farmer, and Able, the pastoralist: "Cain slew Able".

Sudan Says Defer Rebels Killed 1,460 Since April

Wed Jul 28, 8:41 AM ET Add World By Nima Elbagir

KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Sudan has accused rebels in

the western Darfur region of killing 1,460

civilians since signing a cease-fire with the

government in early April and of slowing

delivery of aid to the region.

Aduku "country-boy" Addea and I were discussing Sudan a week or so ago. In that conversation Aduku pointed out to me that none of the major (nor, for that matter 'minor'] media sources has written nor spoken anything about the actual lives of workers and peasants in the Sudanese war zones. Aduku pointed out that the leadership of the "Christian militias", of the "Muslim militias", "Animists" and the Sudanese governments represent bourgeois rivals fighting over ownership of geographic territories. The mutual war to control those territories, and subsequently to control if not own the geological treasures, natural resources, minerals and oil.

The only war worth fighting, from the standpoint of class conscious workers is the wars against the ruling classes -- turning their spears, bows and arrows, swords, muskets, M16s, tanks, and military aircraft as the case might be against the officer corps in the military, and the bosses in the economy: a Workers' State, a Worker's militia fighting to secure the land, its wealth, natural resources, and industries not for the ruling classes but for the working-classes and toiling masses.

The economical conflict of interests regarding the future of the oil regions of Middle Asia and North Africa surfaced in political confrontation in the U.N. Security Council between Germany, and France supported by Russia in opposition to the British and Americans drive to invade and occupy Iraq.

It is not the economic greed of American capitalists but the political control of the oil needed by the European Union for the self-expansion of capital, in Europe, that is the economic side of the geopolitical equation that engenders America's wars of occupation in Middle Asia, and threatening to occupy Sudan in Africa. The politics of Christian Zionism in the U.S. is part of this, of course, since Israel is America's regional bully.

The Gulf regimes have been moving from dependence on industrial commodities "made in America" to those of superior quality, and cheaper industrial products made in the European Union, Korea and of course Japan. In proportion to which Gulf regional capitalists are moving from trading with the United States to trade with the European Union, it is an incentive for Gulf States to move from the dollar based currency to the Euro.

There are also the economics of business pragmatism. Relative to the stable Euro and yen American international policies have made the dollar unstable. For instance, consider the crisis in the Gulf economy engendered by the reckless American policy in 2002 from the perspectives of Gulf economists.

Gulf citizens loose $97 billion in US market because of dollar decline Gulf-USA, Economics


The dramatic devaluation of the US dollar

before major currencies especially the EURO,

the Yen in the few past weeks resulted in

inflicting heavy losses in the revenues

of the Arab Gulf states, members in the

OPEC of its oil exports priced by the US dollar.

Analysts say that losses of the Arab Gulf

states, members in OPEC: Saudi Arabia, UAE,

Kuwait and Qatar might reach $ 13 billion

by the end of the current year as a result

of the US dollar decrease by 14% so far

against the EURO. Financial analysts and

bankers from the United Arab Emirates

expected the US dollar to continue

its devaluation against the EURO during

the next half of the current year to

reach 22% under the increasing number

of news of company scandals in the American

markets and the loss of confidence

entrusted by investors.

Bankers estimated the Gulf states losses

in the market as a result of the dollar

devaluation at $ 97 billion. Assets of

the Gulf citizens abroad are estimated

at $ 1.3 trillion half of which is in the American market.

The more the American economy defaults and becomes a toothless tiger relative to the European lion, and Asian tiger economies the more the American capitalists are turning to the American military, as in Serbia/Kosovo in the heart of Europe and Iraq in the center of Asia.

Also, the American government has politically manipulated "Arab money", and money of Middle Asian and North African capitalists generally, as a foreign policy tool. For instance freezing money from the region -- "Arab accounts" -- in retribution for regimes in the region supporting the Palestinian liberation organizations and intifadas. Thus, for instance the freezing of Iranian, Iraqi, and Libyan assets as punishment for these countries providing financial as well as political support to Palestinian liberation organizations and intifada activists.

The Iraqis were in fact in the forefront of moving from American to European currency.

In an article anticipating the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, economist William Clark wrote:

The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth

(Original Essay January 2003 -Revised March 2003)

"The Real Reasons for this upcoming war is this

administration's goal of preventing further OPEC

momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction

currency standard, and to secure control of Iraq's

oil before the onset of Peak Oil (predicted to

occur around 2010). However, in order to pre-empt

OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of

Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves.

This essay will discuss the macroeconomics of the

`petrodollar' and the unpublicized but real threat

to U.S. economic hegemony from the euro as an

alternative oil transaction currency."

Economists know this fact succinctly stated the world over.

Remember -- the first economic activity of the U.S. occupation in, together with stationing troops into the oil fields and business offices was to destroy the Iraqi currency by literally tossing billions of banknotes from safes into the streets while at the same time literally flying into Iraq hundreds of millions of U.S. Federal reserve Notes to serve as the currency on the streets and between businesses.

Dollar Replaces Dinar, for Now, as Iraq's Currency

All Things Considered audio April 16, 2003: The

official currency of Iraq, the dinar, is nearly

worthless. U.S. forces will temporarily replace

the Iraqi currency bearing Saddam's face with

the U.S. dollar. The greenback already is being used

to pay Iraqi civil servants working to restore

basic services and clean up after looters."

Only an American patriot,a fool who fails to learn the lessons of history, wars and conflicts, and domestic repression, fails to recognize nationalist governments for what they are: "patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels" -- by means of which demagogues public perceptions are manipulated.

The Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iraq is no more inaugurated to "free Iraqis from tyranny" any more than it is to "rid Iraq of non-existent "weapons of mass destruction". Only culturally conditioned American patriots, emotionally blinkered Americans can be hoodwinked into believing that the American government invasion and occupation of Iraq was motivated by American "democratic values".

Similarly, for all its racist history of genocidal murdering and enslaving people of color, including Blacks in Africa as well as America, only a culturally conditioned American, African-American idiot is capable of being manipulated by demagogic race politics into believing that America's intervention in Sudan is motivated by concern for "Black Africans"!

Moreover, in terms of party politics the same individuals in the Republican party government that are shedding crocodile tears about the plight of Black Africans are the same one's who blocked Civil Rights legislation on one hand, and aided South African apartheid on the other! The Negro Republicans in the media and websites promoting U.S. intervention in Sudan have no connection with the Black working-class, but are exploiting the crisis in Sudan by giving it a racial twist: "see, Bush and the Republicans deserve your vote because they are trying to save the lives of 'Black Africans', from 'racist Arabs'".

In actuality it is not so much that the American government is trying to protect "Black Africans" as much as they are exploiting the crisis that it, together with Israel, acerbated in opposition to the Sudanese government. U.S. imperialism would have the same policy vis-à-vis Sudan even if the people of southern Sudan were a hot pink, and the government in the North was bright orange. African Americans, all Americans, must, and more and more are, realizing that race politics is not biological but ideological.

If the United States is willing to spend billions of dollars invading and occupying Sudan, motivated by altruism and a sense of justice for African Blacks, then why haven't they settled reparations accounts with African victims of American slavery, rape, murder and poverty right here in this country?

America won't even allow American manufactured condoms into Africa family planning centers to combat AIDS, and blocks the introduction of drugs combating AIDS for that matter. Yet, we are supposed to believe that America is isolating Sudan out of compassion for "Black Africans"! Only an idiot would believe that! The Israelis and Americans support the rebel bands in the south, not because they are "Black", but because these rebels and mercenaries are against the Sudanese government.

Only a fool would believe the Bush-Powell lies about American foreign policy being motivated by altruism, or justice in either Afghanistan, Iraq or Sudan -- or rather, they take African-Americans for fools if they think we can be hoodwinked by the Democratic Black Caucus into believing that they are acting in "Black solidarity" with "Black Africans" when what they are in fact doing is masquerading as Black nationalists as a flimflam sham to bring Blacks into backing the invasion and occupation of an African country by calling Sudanese Blacks "Arabs". Franz Fanon wrote about the self-degenerating psychology of Black Skin, White Mask. But with the Black Democrats in Congress the political flimflam man masquerades in Black Skin, Black Mask!

The wars in the oil rich regions of Middle Asia and North Africa, is the geopolitical battle field confrontation between the E.U. and the U.S. The U.S. is loosing in its economic competition with the E.U, insomuch as the European technology is more advanced and its labor consequently more productive. Like the gangsters that they are, the American capitalists are turning to its hired guns -- the American military, to take control of the Middle Asian/North African oil fields.

Opposed by the militarily emasculated Germans and relatively impotent French, except for the French military bases in Chad, the Euro-capitalist is turning to the Gangster capitalists of Russia for protection. The Russian motive is to enter the high-tech and economically powerful European Union:

Moscow (VNA) - Russia on Friday rejected US criticism of its sales of military

aircraft to Sudan and said a deal signed with the Khartoum government

was in no way linked to violence in the west of the African country.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko was quoted by

Russian news agencies as saying that Russia's sale of MiG-29 fighter

aircraft to Sudan had been completed on the basis of a long-standing

contract predating the unrest in Darfur.[PARA]Russia, Yakovenko said,

supported international efforts "to normalise the situation in Sudan's

Darfur province, end armed clashes and provide immediate, unhindered

assistance to civilians".

The head of Russia's state-owned aircraft manufacturer MiG, Valery

Toryanin, said this week the company had fulfilled its contract to

supply 10 MiG-29SE fighters and two MiG-29UB trainers. He

said further contracts could follow.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday assailed the United States

for imposing sanctions against a Russian company, saying it has

done nothing wrong.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Kislyak criticized the US move

against the state-owned Altai Federal Scientific and Industrial

Center for allegedly spreading missile technology.

``There are no grounds to view its activities as

contradicting Russian law and Russian obligations in the nonproliferation area,'' he said,

according to the Interfax news agency.

Article: Russia rejects US criticism of plane sales to Sudan [NL] 07/24/2004 -- 22:16(GMT+7)

Notwithstanding receiving the recent shipment of Russian weapons these weapons are in the possession of the Sudanese bourgeois government. It must be acknowledged that the workers, farmers and herders in Sudan, the same as workers in the European Union and the United states, have to recognize that Sudanese patriotism is just as demagogic and bankrupt as imperialist patriotism. The Sudanese government, and its military forces represent the class interests of the Sudanese bourgeoisie and not the proletariat.

Sudanese bourgeois ownership of the productive forces of Sudan, whether by private capitalist corporations or collective property of the bourgeois state, is being threatened to be expropriated by the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

U.S. imperialism expropriated the lion's share of economic advantages in Iraq. Obviously, Iraq is the prize and the American capitalists are handing Britain Sudan as a consolation prize.

American political interest's in Sudan is that it geographically sits next door to Chad. Chad is a French neo-colony and France is America's primary rival in Africa. The political geographical location of Sudan will also provide Britain and the U.S. a strategic station from which to control -- threaten and/or invade and occupy -- Congo and Zimbabwe.

As the American capitalists are doing in Iraq so in Sudan British capitalists buying the Sudan economy includes control of the oil. Britain however is in political geographical actuality part of Europe, not its rival. Britain will want to use the Sudanese oil resources, as a means of improving its economic position in Europe. Britain can do this, even if the natural resources remain the possession of the Sudanese bourgeoisie.

The economic model of U.S. imperialism in Iraq, and the reason for its wanton destruction is not British colonialism in the 3rd world. Rather, it is the American Marshall Plan of export capital like the rebuilding of Western Europe following World War II!

On April 16, President Bush called for an

end to economic sanctions against Iraq

imposed during the 1990-91 phase of the

Gulf Wars. On the 17th, the Bechtel Group

(an American engineering firm with close

ties to the Bush administration) was awarded

an initial contract of $34.6 million to

rebuild Iraq's infrastructure, with projected

future contracts totaling $680 million

over the next 18 months, the bill to be

paid jointly out of Iraqi oil revenues

and the pockets of American taxpayers.


On May 22, 2003, the United Nations Security

Council voted 14-0 to accept Resolution

1483 lifting economic sanctions against

Iraq (imposed during the 1990-91 conflict

over Kuwait) and backing the U.S. led

administration of Iraq. France, Russia,

and Germany, all of whom had opposed the

war, supported the resolution. The

sanctions had to be removed before the

U.S. could begin legally exporting Iraqi

oil and using the profits to rebuild the country.

It is not so much the United States as it is Britain, Australia and New Zealand who attacked! To understand the economic importance of the Iraqi economy to U.S. imperialism it is required that one dismisses the vulgar conception of "imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism", and "core-periphery".

Although presently it is a puppet-government and regime of Quisling collaborators, it is not necessarily in the interests of U.S. imperialism to annex Iraq today as it was annexed by Britain following World War I.

It is not accidental that the countries offering to send troops into Sudan -- prominent among them Britain, Australia and New Zealand are members of the British Commonwealth.

Sudan says it will fight rescue forces - 27jul04

Sudan warned yesterday it would use force

against any attempt at outside military

in crisis-torn Darfur.


"Anybody who contemplates imposing his opinion

by force will be confronted by force," he said.

"Any power that intervenes in Darfur will be a loser."


Australia and New Zealand are considering a UN

request for military personnel to join a mission

there and Britain has said it could send 5000

. Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, secretary-general

of the ruling National Congress Party, warned

that force would be met by force.,5478,10254168%255E663,00.html

Sudan and Zimbabwe were previously British colonies in Africa. The British Commonwealth of nations denounced the government of Zimbabwe, because ZANU-PF, the party in power, legalized the African peasants expropriations of lands expropriated by British protected white settler-colonists. Sudan and Zimbabwe are presently under sanctions and subject to invasion and occupation by Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

The same Americans, "African-Americans" of the Democrat's Congressional Black Caucus, who in the House of representatives are legislating sanctions against Sudan also voted in support of sanctions on Zimbabwe!

"Charles Rangel and Sheila Jackson-Lee of

the Congressional Black Caucus of the

Democratic Party support the lawlessness

of the Zimbabwean White landed gentry and

agro-capitalist in that they backed the

Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery

Act of 2001. The only thing that Democratic

Party members like Charles Rangels and

Sheila Jackson-Lee are trying to recover

in Zimbabwe are the economic interests of capital, and to

maintain the presence of those interests in Zimbabwe."

Knowledgeable of the devastation wrought by 12 years of genocidal sanctions on Iraq, there is no way any Black person can racially promote sanctions on Black Zimbabwe and Black Sudan.

The Congressional Resolution taking African lands from African peasants, returning it to the families of White expropriators puts the lie to the masquerade of Black Democrat's acting in the interests of Africans. Congressional Black Democrats, and their supporters in the so-called Black progressive community only play the race card when it is in the interests of U.S. imperialism.

These are the same Negroes being used by Anglo-American imperialism to present the regional economical and political conflicts in Sudan today as a "race war".

The same Negroes, who voted legislation in the racial interests of White settler-colonists against Black Zimbabwean peasants are today legislating on behalf of British and U.S. imperialism against Black Sudan.

As in Iraq, so sanctions against Black Sudan inevitably will engender artificial poverty negatively effecting millions of ordinary Sudanese and incremental escalations of malnutrition and curable disease engendering the deaths of infants, children, crippled and the elderly working-class Sudanese, because of lack of food and medicines.

Arabs Try to Brake Campaign for Sanctions on Sudan

By Nima Elbagir

KHARTOUM (Reuters)

Egypt and the Arab League tried to put

the brakes on the campaign for sanctions

against [African] Sudan on Wednesday

as the Sudanese government blamed rebels

in the western region of Darfur for

the humanitarian crisis there.

But Secretary of State Colin Powell said:

"We'd rather just see several hundred

thousand people go through this

terrible period where so many of them will

," he told Egyptian television.

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