Southern militia armed and trained by Isreal, financed by U.S. republican regime and supported
politically by the Congressional Black Caucus, Trans-Africa, and most black american reactionary racialists.

August 1, 2004

Discussing Sudan - #1

by Li'l Joe

In an article posted simultaneously on and, Aduku Addea intimated the necessity for scientific economic and political analysis of the wars in Sudan. Aduku's article is presented in the body of this Essay, and his -- along with Connie White's, Roy Walker's and Gail Daggs' -- data and analysis are embedded throughout the Essay.

The hypocritical sentimentalism of British, American, and Israeli politicians and so-called NGOs is dismissed. It is interesting that the ideologists and politicians that denounce impoverished Black governments in neocolonial Africa for demanding foreign aid, and African-Americans in America as dependent on 'big government', and in each case chide them to "do for self", are the very ones who are dismissing as inferior Sudan and the African Union's effort to solve the Sudan crisis.

The myth is that Africans are incapable of "doing for self", thus these African and African-American ideologists and politicians, in their function as Fifth Columnists, function for imperialism by calling on the "White man" (Western imperialism) to invade and "save" Africans from Africans! "Whining" and "begging", these ideologists and politicians are calling on the "White man" to solve the Sudanese crisis by imposing UN sanctions and/or British-American invasions-occupation. Thus, instead of allowing Africans to fess up to their history of internal tribal wars being played out in the present, these ideological agents of Anglo-American imperialism are blaming the "Arabs" for the present problems in Sudan.

Mealy mouthing demagogic rhetoric about "Arab colonialism" in Sudan, the Africans and Americans, African-Americans calling for British re-colonization conveniently forget that it was the British imperialists colonialism that created modern Sudan and its problems. Rejecting the ability of Sudanese and or the African Union to "do for self" -- i.e. solve their own problems -- and instead calling for U.S./U..N. eeconomic sanctions followed by Anglo-American invasion and occupation, these ideologists of re-colonization by Anglo-American imperialism even regurgitate the U.S-British rhetoric of calling European and American occupation forces "peace keepers" although it was/is the U.S. and Israeli arming, training and funding the Christian militias and local tribal bands to initiate and continue in wars against the Sudanese government.

These are the issues we will be discussing in this Essay.

It is ironic at the outset, that though the African Sudanese are Muslims, they are Black descendents of Nubians and indigenous to the geography. The outsiders engendering the perpetual wars in Sudan, the European Israelis and the Americans, the politicians and media, has Americans including African Americans believing that the Sudanese of northern Sudan are "Arabs" -- invaders -- on one hand, and that the Chrisstiann militias in the south are "indigenous Africans", targets of 'genocide', on the other.

In actuality, the proxy relationship of the Israeli government and military to the Christian militias in Sudan is the same as the Israeli government and military had with the Christian militia in Lebanon, the Phalange.

The geopolitical function of the Phalange Christian militia was as an agency of murder and destruction in Lebanon -- in alliance with if not quisling of Israel, and therefore U.S. imperialism:

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees and other poor

people were killed in the slaughter by the Phalange

militia, which was aligned with Israel during

its 1982 invasion of Lebanon.


The militiamen were let in by the surrounding

Israeli forces, who did not intervene as the

killing continued. The actual number slaughtered

is unknown but amounted to at least several hundred.


The Phalange attracted Christian youths from the

mountains northeast of Beirut as well Christian

students in Beirut. The politics of the Phalange

party was pro-Western, and they opposed any



1982: The Phalangists cooperates with Israel, in

planning an attack on Lebanon.

- June 6: Israel invades Lebanon ffrom iiitts southern

border, and its forces start advancing north,

reaching Beirut in short time.

- September: The Phalangists have becooommmee the

strongest party in Lebanon, thanks to the aid

of Israel.

- September 13: Bashir Gemayel is killlleeedd few days

before he is to be sworn in as president of Lebanon.

- September 16: As a way of retaliiatinnnnngg the killing
of Gemayel, the Phalange militia gets help from

the Israeli army to close off the Palestinian

quarters of Sabra and Chatila. Then a campaign of

killing 2,000 Palestinian civilians over the

next 3 days.

In Sudan the function of Christian organization calling itself the Anya-Nya, which merged with other organizations into the so-called Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) is to continue wars and consequent destabilization in the region. According to the mercenary Rolf Steiner, who fought with the Anya-Nya, Israel was the southern rebels' most important backer. (Benjamin Beit Hallahmi, The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why pp. 47-49 1987) Millions of U.S. taxpayers money is donated to maintain these militias.


Sudan: Israel backs the rebels

Sudan-Israel, Politics, 9/16/2002

The official spokesman for the Sudanese army

Lt. Gen. Muhammad Bashir Suleiman said the link

between the rebels movement with Israel through

providing the rebels with weapons and training

and the existence of Israeli experts in the

lines of the rebels is a well known fact admitted

by the leader of the rebels and was disclosed

through John Garang's repeated visit to Israel.



Ever since the 1960s, the southern Christians

have been in a state of organized rebellion against

the Khartoum administration run by the Muslim

Arabs in the north. This rebellion is organized

by a Christian organization calling itself the



As can be imagined, Israel heads the list of

those backing the Anya-Nya uprising. In his

book The Israeli Connection, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

reveals that Israel has supported the southern

rebels since the 1960s. Ever since that time,

Israel has given the Anya-Nya movement arms

and military training.


Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Halim, the Sudanese ambassador to

Egypt told the Egyptian Al-Ahram Weekly that,

"The (Anya-Aya qua SPLA) gains on the battlefront

are primarily due to Israeli and Eritrean military

assistance." Facts that emerged over time

revealed that Israel was the real source of the

Christian rebels' arms, smuggled in by the

Protestant and Catholic churches hidden in



To understand what's really going down in Sudan one must reject the hypocritical, demagogic sentimentalism of British and American politicians, and objectively, critically, read the press and analyze the media, which as evident by the journalism leading to the invasion of Iraq, and "war coverage", proved they are more propaganda than "news".

Also, I reject the anti-Arab racist demagogy of having, in America, Black Democrats, and so-called "progressives" pretend that the reason they are siding with U.S. imperialism and Zionism, against Sudan -- the Land of the Blacks -- is because the Christian and ethnic militias are "Black Africans" and, according to media propaganda the Muslims are "Arabs". As Connie White shows below, these political hypocrites don't give a damn about Africans in America or Africans in Africa.

It is all the more necessary to consciously dismiss sentimentalism from political, and in the last instance economic analysis by realization, and understanding that the public display by American politicians and media pundits of fake sentimentalism is nothing but show -- that is inessential masquerading as essential. This display of bourgeois sentimentalism, of publicly shedding of crocodile tears for "Black Africans" by American politicians and media pundits is, as Connie White says, nothing but an attempt to politically manipulate Americans generally, and Black Americans by Black politicians in particular.

The demand of objectivity in America, and in this instance specifically, gullible African-Americans, requires self-critical and objective critical thinking. Negating gullibility is the praxis of practical-critical thinking, ridding oneself of the lies derived from having internalized acceptance of authority, of bourgeois professors, politicians and media pundits.

Society is an ensemble of social relations based in objectively conflicting economic and political interests subsumed in conflicting class interests. The level of developments in the productive forces, class property results in political society in which technology is the class property of the most powerful, economically dominate class. The class that is economically, and therefore politically dominant is the  class that owns and consequently dominates the culture, the material means of communication and education. Socialization and education is acculturation in class dominating culture.

The ruling ideas in class culture are the ideas of the ruling class, material relations of production and corresponding economic forms of appropriation grasped as ideas/reflected in the heads of society's members, in which the interests of the economically dominant class are internalized as normal if not natural. The epistemological method of critical practical thinking by members of the oppressed, rising class establishes material objectivity based in a materialist conception of history -- that is, revolutionary ideas in an epoch presupposes the existence of revolutionary classes.

American capitalism is established from a history of class struggles, regional and ethnic, in consequence of African racial slavery on one hand, and genocidal massacres of indigenous or "native American" peoples on the other.

Thus American race culture is predicated in the culture of class exploitation of slaves from Africa. Relations of production appear as race relations.

What is essential, property is non-empirical but essential qua legal or title of ownership. In this instance among African slaves were the property of capitalists resulting at first sight in superficial recognition seeing the capitalist owner as a "White man" and it is subsequently legally declared that the slave qua "Black man" has no rights. Thus at this superficial level of mutual recognition and dehumanization, the class struggles between slaves and slave-owners are seen as racial strife: class war as race war.

Here consciousness in racial slavery is superficial, primitive race consciousness. Sense perception is determinate in that the color of the slave and of the master dominates consciousness of both as characteristic of each.

The "Whiteness" of Thomas Jefferson as a property holder is Constitutionally protected -- where in the Preamble to the declaration of Independence Jefferson, et. al, wrote that "all men were created equal", as the original intent of the Constitution was to make clear that "all men" was specific to property owning White men -- Africans, Native Americans, Women and originally property less White men were excluded. It was not the "Blackness" of Sally Hemming that subjected her to rape by Jefferson (whether man or woman, sexual relations between slaves and slave-owners consensual or not is the compulsion of circumstances and therefore is rape).

The characterization of "slave" as "race" is superficial because it does not penetrate beneath the obvious sensuous perception and does not go beyond impressions-description. An African is an African. Only under certain conditions does he become a slave. The slave owners as a class control the slate, which is comprised of special bodies of armed men whose job is to enforce the slave-owners property rights. Thus the economical emancipation of the slaves requires the revolutionary destruction of the techno-economic conditions and the overthrow of the sociopolitical powers.

It is not the "White man" but the social relation that must be destroyed. Coming to this cognition is derived through "practical-critical" activity in the class struggle, praxis.

The recognition that snow is white and coal is black is empirical facts that are acknowledged. To rest at the description of whiteness as a quality of snow, or blackness as a quality of coal does not explain the essential qualities that make snow appear white and coal black to the color vision of humans, does not explain why snow is white and coal black.

Ice -- frozen water or water in its solid state is hard. But, so is an igneous rock. To determine the difference between objects: "meaning", or why "this" is "this" and "that" is "That", on the level of pure sense perception i.e. their respective hardness, is to consider only their negative relation: this is not that. But "that" is also a "this", and not a "that". An iron pipe is also "hard", but is neither the "this" nor the "that" but a third other, and so on establishing the category of hardness. But while this infinite series of hard items have hardness in common yet hardness is only one quality that each of these things possess.

The various objects possess other qualities, such as size, weight, &C. -- that is quantitative measurement. Measurement however is a rational activity, which presupposes the thinking Subject. The Subject is a thinking Ego in negative relation to other objects including other thinking Subjects.

The unity of the subject and object is surmounting of the object, is appropriation of it or comprehending of what it is in-itself or penetrating the object by probing, testing, distinguishing. The various things are different one from the other in their respective actuality and understood as totalities insomuch as scientific reasoning has distinguished that each is comprised of different and distinct chemicals, compounds, proton and electron combinations.

Reason is dialectical and negative, penetrating the obvious and thus confronting and criticizing, a restless epistemology from the obvious appearance of things and people to grasp the essential, the necessity. Property in the thing, or person owned, is neither the thing nor the person owned, but a social relation between people and things.

Human beings in the state of nature are not by nature competitive, nor do they "by nature" seek to dominate one over another. There is nothing in the nature of men that strives to dominate women, or other men. There is nothing in the human genetic code that makes enemies of Blacks and Whites, Jews and Arabs, or Christian and Muslim. Why do they kill each other? What the hell's goin' on in the "Middle East" and Sudan?

To investigate a problem -- surmount the object/examine it -- requires proper tools. For us, the property tools are relevant forms of scientific reasoning and critical thinking. The fundamental question, as the Army Intelligence guy said in Oliver Stone's "JFK", is, who benefits? Not the poor destitute workers and farmers bashing each other's brains out and sniping one another.

The primary beneficiaries from armed conflicts are the arms industries and merchants, and the finance capitalists who provide the capital. The beneficiaries also are the demagogic politicians, nationalists and religious zealots manipulating the masses against "the enemy". This is where Martin Luther King Jr. was so important.

At the August 1963 March on Washington, Dr. King told the country of his dream that "all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, 'Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, I'm free at last."'

The quintessential difference is not one of race or religion but of the manipulation of symbols of race and religion, used to compel the workers and farmers to subordinate their human interests in love, work and reason -- the wellsprings of human social life -- into perverted egoism, fear and irrational hatred. The ideological struggle in the working-class is the struggle against alienated consciousness, against irrational hatreds, e.g. racism, sexism, nationalism and war, and in this revising those passions directing them at a struggle against the socio-economic conditions which engenders egoism, fear, irrational hatred.

I am presently critiquing the superficial race consciousness among the American African, American workers being exploited by demagogic "Black" Democrats, masquerading as "Black nationalists" manipulating gullible American, African-American workers, i.e., "Arabs in Sudan" the same jingoism used to whip White workers up into patriotism endorsing U.S. military invasion and occupation of "rogue states". Make no mistaking in calculating the truth: The Democratic Blacks and Republican Whites, or more accurately Democrats and Republican masquerading as Blacks and Whites, Christians and patriots don't give a damn for the suffering of Africans anywhere on earth.

Joe Williams III once wrote that Jesse Jackson "is not the representative of the Black community in the Democratic Party but the representative of the Democratic Party in the Black community." The same is true of the entire membership of the Democratic Party's Congressional Black Caucus.

The government is worried as hell of what oppressed Blacks will do if/when American troops invade Africa -- maiming, killing, raping, torturing, pillaging -- in general, doing in the African Sudan what they are presently doing in Iraq. The Government never knows how inner city Blacks will respond to an attack. Often when police kill Black men in the hood the hood rise up in armed rebellion.

This is where the Congressional Black Caucus comes in. The CBC, together with Negroes of the NAACP, Urban League, TransAfrica and so on are expected to produce gullibility and passivity in the Black community. These Americanized Negroes job is to at the very least pre-empt inner city Black rebellions in the U.S., and if they're real good boys N' Gals these political Amos N' Andy's will get a bonus from the Ford Foundation and Zionist lobbies if they can pull enough Black fools into supporting the U.S. invasion and occupation of Sudan killing and maiming.

Connie White pointed out the charade of Democrats masquerading as representatives of oppressed Blacks; the Black Congressional Congress, Democrats one and all masquerade as concerned "Black folk" as they advance the interests of U.S. imperialism.

In an article titled, simply and succinctly "Sudan", posted at by Connie White:

The "race card" is something that Americans

fall for easily. It is used indiscriminately

by bourgeois ideologists and politicians alike

to get one or the other "race" on its/their

side for any given issue. In the case of Sudan,

the "race card" that is being played is that

of Arabs against Africans. Since the 9/11

attack on the Twin Towers in New York City,

and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the

"race card" against Arabs around the world

has been played over and over again.

So it is today in Sudan. We African-Americans,

and Africans around the world should not be

so foolhardy as to let the politicians play

us like the proverbial harp! The

Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are paid to

do the bidding of capitalism, and to protect

capitalist interests around the world by using

the "race card" -- so it is understandable

that the CBC would stage "hunger" sit-ins

and other visible actions as "Blacks" in

opposition to "those Arabs in Sudan killing

Africans." Bullshit!! The CBC doesn't care

anymore about Africans in Sudan than they

cared about Africans in Zimbabwe starving

and living in poverty, than they care about

the U.S. government sending over $10 billion

dollars a year in financial and military

support to Israel to kill Palestinians, and

than they care about Iraqi or Afghani women

and children being murdered daily by their

approval of U.S. military personnel in Middle


The first thing that gets my attention when

trying to analyze a world situation is where

U.S. financial and military support has been

given related to that situation. In Sudan,

the so-called "rebels" have been supported

financially and militarily by the U.S. since

at least 1996, or before.

Gale Daggs subsequently provides information that underscores Connie's analysis with facts: Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 3:55 AM U.S. Congress resolution from the House on declaring genocide in Darfur


2d Session

H. CON. RES. 467

Declaring genocide in Darfur, Sudan.


June 24, 2004

Mr. Payne (for himself, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Wynn, Ms. Lee, Ms. Majette, Mrs. Christensen, Mr. Davis, Ms. Waters, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Norton, Mr. Scott, Ms. Millender-McConald, Mr. Davis, Mr. Rush, Mr. Towns, Mr. Rangels, Mr. Meeks, Ms. Jackson-Lee and others masquerading as "representatives of oppressed Black worker interests putting on a show shedding crocodile tears for "Black Africans" in Sudan even as on the other hand these Democrats submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations Declaring genocide in Darfur, Sudan thus pushing for sanctions, Iraqi-like.


Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress--

(1) declares that the atrocities unfolding in Darfur, Sudan, are genocide;

(2) reminds the international community, including the United States

Government, of their international legal obligations, as affirmed in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide;
(3) urges the Bush Administration to call the atrocities being committed in Darfur, Sudan by its rightful name: `genocide';

(4) calls on the Bush Administration to lead an international effort to prevent genocide in Darfur, Sudan;

(5) urges the Bush Administration to seriously consider multilateral or even unilateral intervention to prevent genocide should the United Nations Security Council fail to act;

(6) demands that the Bush Administration impose targeted sanctions,
including visa bans and the freezing of assets of the National Congress and affiliated business and individuals directly responsible for the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan.

The Congressional Black Democrats, and other Democrats in unison and in union with Republicans, called on President Bush to make moves against Sudan and aid the southern mercenaries by visibly showcasing their pigmentation as politics -- the race card -- and appearing to be making demands on an otherwise unconcerned Bush is balderdash! The Republican neo-conservatives and reactionary Christian Zionists of the Racist-White-Right of the Republican Party, together with professional Jew qua Jews, Zionists and Israeli lobbyists were long in the camp of the Sudanese "Christian militias"

Snip: The origins of the civil war in the south date back to the 1950s. By 1969 the rebels had developed foreign contacts to obtain weapons and supplies. Israel, for example, trained Anya Nya recruits and shipped weapons via Ethiopia and Uganda to the rebels.


Snip: Ever since the 1960s, the southern Christians have been in a state of organized rebellion against the Khartoum administration run by the Muslim Arabs in the north. This rebellion is organized by a Christian organization calling itself the 'Anya-Nya.'"


"But why was Israel so interested in a landlocked country in Central Africa? Israel was backing rebellion in southern Sudan to punish Sudan for supporting the Arab cause in the Six-Day War. "They do not want the rebels to win. They want to keep them fighting."


"An EIR team probing the causes behind the genocidal wars that have been ravaging East and Central Africa over the last four years, has uncovered a covert arms and logistical supply network run out of the U.S. State Department, which mirrors precisely the notorious Iran-Contra arms supply operation of the 1980s. EIR has uncovered two, overlapping operations. First, is the covert supply of arms to the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA) of John Garang, which has waged a totally unsuccessful but nevertheless genocidal war against the Sudan government since 1983.


Snip: When, on May 3, 2000 US president George W. Bush said in a speech to the American Jewish committee that 'we must turn the eyes of the world upon the atrocities in Sudan" but only as a "first step', adding that "more will follow", he knew what he was talking about. At the end of May the Bush administration announced that it had decided to grant $3 million to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), an umbrella organisation opposed to the government in Khartoum, and to release to the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) the $10 million already earmarked for this southern Christian rebel group. And on June 14 the US House of Representatives voted to prohibit foreign oil-companies that do business in Sudan from raising capital in the US or listing their securities in American financial markets. The legislators, who voted for this decision by 422 votes to 2, accused the "Muslim-dominated" governments of using oil revenues to commit "genocide" against the Christian and animist people of the south.

U.S. imperialism's foreign policy in Middle Asia and North Africa, the Afro-Asian Islamic world, is represented by European Khazars masquerading as Jews, qua Israeli policy on one hand, and in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the media by democrats in natural Black face, the CBC, on the other. These Black Democrats are the same House Niggers, who in the interest of British imperialism, and in defense of expropriated property by White settler-colonists, voted for economic sanctions on Black Zimbabwe.


NOTE: Roy Walker wrote an Appeal to Africans to Africanize perspective on African problems, warning of the hypocrisy, and indeed danger of allowing African ideological and political Quislings of imperialist interests turning Africa over to the former colonial powers. Roy Walker's Appeal is a brief but insightful statement of introduction to the Sudan discussion of the African Union (AU) Finding and Perspective on the Sudan crisis.

Posted 25 July 2004

Subject:  Africa, the world, and the situation in Western Sudan
Roy Walker wrote:

"With Negro leaders, in and out of the US Congress, joining hands with the Zionist and imperialist blocs running this country usurping Africa's role in settling it's own disputes, it is useful for us to look at what the AU has decided about the situation in western Sudan.  As inept, insufficient, and backward as the AU can be, it is still the organization that represents Africa, certainly much more than the Zionist lobby; the CBC; Jesse Jackson; the elements people like S. Booker work for; the so-called religious right in the Us; or the western governments; or for that matter the hand puppet of imperialism, the United Nations.  Let us put a stop to this brother killing brother, brother killing sister, sister killing sister, sister killing brother; where ever we find it; but let us not be tricked into advancing the Zionist and imperialist objectives and goals.  African problems require African solutions.  A insufficient AU is a better option than the US Congress, the British Parliament, the UN Security Council, the Bush Administration, the Knesset and other Zionist entities, the moral majority-types, and the phony white and Negro liberals pretending to speak for the interest of African humanity."

What follows is the definitive AU statement on the situation in Darfur...


13 APRIL 2004





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To be continued ...

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