July 14, 2014

Comment on Zionist aggression and Palestinian Resistance

by Lil Joe

Comment: I am in complete solidarity with and supporter of Palestinian ARMED RESISTENCE. But, I do so as a Marxist revolutionary in the spirit of proletarian internationalism. Every communist has long grasp the truth -- political power grows out the barrel of guns, tanks and bombs. Politics is warfare without bloodshed and warfare is politics with bloodshed. That is to say, in other words, 'warfare is the continuation of politics by other means, i.e. violence.

Where Marx acknowledged the weapon of criticism become criticism by weapons, it is in the sense of class warfare targeting the ruling classes and their armed representatives, the State. The ruling classes are overthrown and the State destroyed. Marxists, however, including Leninists and Trotskyists, the Russian Red Guard and Red Army, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the Viet Minh and National Liberation Front, the Cuban guerrilla army, African liberation movements of Guinea-Bissau (PAICG), Mozambique (FRELIMO), and Angola (MPLA), South Africa's ANC Umkhonto We Sizwe, the Philippine New People's Army, Nicaragua's Sandinistas and El Salvador's FMLN, one must include here African American's Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, as a matter of principle and revolutionary theory and ethic do not attack civilians. Rather, by rigorous empirical analysis of economic and political data the enemy is identified -- the fight is against the capitalist classes and States. The bureaucratic-military State are the armed forces we are fighting. The police and army are the armed representatives of the landed aristocracy and capitalist ruling classes.

Revolutionaries oppose killing civilians. It is the opportunists of war, the reactionary nationalists, Nazis, Fascists, racists, sexist and religious fanatics and imperialist armies of wars, conquest and occupation that massacre innocent civilians, including women and children, rape, loot, pillage and target defenseless neighborhoods. The same as the German State's military planners fired V2 Rockets into London, the British and U.S. air forces bombed Dresden as well as Berlin civilian populations. The Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor naval base - a legitimate military target in response to U.S. naval blockade. The U.S. bombings in Asia -- Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, atrocities in Korea, carpet bombing of Vietnam villages and fields, including by manufactured chemical weapons -- agent orange, napalm -- and presently in Iraq by U.S. armed forces depleted uranium ammunition and white phosphorus by Israel in Gaza. Occupation forces and their lackeys are legitimate military targets.

U.S. armed forces presently continue bombing of civilian populations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, presently using drones as bombs. It is also in this connection that US finance and supply the Zionist State with planes and bombs dropped on civilians in Gaza, right now. Still, revolutionaries are disciplined class warriors and do not respond in kind by similarly targeting civilian neighborhoods and populations. I denounce Hamas targeting civilian neighborhoods in "Israel" the same as denouncing Zionist State targeting civilian populations in Gaza, West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Hezbollah is setting the example of what it take to defeat Israel and the imperialist backed mercenaries in Syria. The Hezbollah military forces repelled the Israeli invasion in South Lebanon and they are kicking ass in Syria. This is what it will take to win the war. Firing of rockets into civilian neighborhood populations is not a cause for celebration, but of shame. One need not be a Marxist to recognize it is the Zionist army that must be defeated.

Of course it is my responsibility to help bring about working class opposition to the US government's arming and financing the Zionist State. This is not nearly enough, however. Rather, the American capitalist basis and its bureaucratic military State must be targeted for destruction by the workers in this country. Revolutionary theory is no passion of the head, rather, Marxist analysis is the head of passion. Its object is its enemy, which it wants not to refute but to eliminate. Social theory no longer assumes the quality of an end-in-itself, but only a means. Its essential pathos is indignation, its essential work is denunciation.

Self -organisation of the working class into an independent political party is necessary for its self- emancipation. Its objective isn't to reform the class enemy but to obliterate it. Wherever the productive forces, the means of social production, are sufficient socialist revolution is not just possible; rather, workers power is inevitable. The task of the worker's political association isn't to 'speak truth to power' but to become truth in power.

So long as capitalist commodity production on the basis of wage labour dominate national economies there will be economic and political competition among capitalists and among workers resulting in the concentration of wealth at one pole of humanity and immiseration and poverty of the masses at the other. Its not an issue of quantity -- the 'top 1% vis-a-vis "the rest of us" -- but of class power. The goal therefore isn't 'reduction of inequality of income' by 'redistribution of surplus money' from top to bottom, but the abolition of capital by transferring the productive forces from the private possession of the capitalist classes to the public property of the working classes. Working class becoming ruling class is the precondition for the abolition of capitalist commodity production, wage labour, markets, competition and wars.

Lil Joe

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