Response to Democrats response to Zimmerman the 'not guilty verdict'>

July 15, 2013

Response to Democrats response to Zimmerman the 'not guilty verdict'


Responding to the Democrats response to the 'not guilty verdict' in the State of Florida vs George Zimmerman murder trial.
from Lil Joe

Since the not guilty verdict ending the Zimmerman murder trial there has been a show of righteous indignation and profound sadness statements from professional Negroes on television. Their job is to be Black men or women, they have PhD's in being Black, but they are all of them propagandists for capitalism and the State. The chief Negro spokesperson for MSNBC is the Democratic Party's attack dog - Reverend Al Sharpton. The Republican Party also has its attack dog, the FOX News racist Bill O'Reilly. Conflicts between MSNBC and FOX, and between 'the left' and 'the right' on the programs on these Cable Networks, is between the propagandists of the Democratic Party v the propagandists of the Republican Party.

Working classes and poor living in squalor in innerity poverty - Black and Chicano youth - have no representatives in the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Pigmentation and gender is not a political basis for representation. It is in essence a class war although it appears in the form of a racial conflict. The State and News media represent class interests. Capitalist media is for show - the unessential masquerading as essential. "Black" MSNBC 'progressive' Democrats get paid and represent those who pay them to pretend to speak on behalf of working class and innercity Black and Chicano youth.

Following the not guilty verdict by an all white jury, several members of which were CEOs and exploiters of labour power, this verdict is defended by the MSNBC Democrats, especially by Melissa Harris-Peery. Their language uphold the myth of legal justice in class society. In reality all these MSNBC Negro professional Negroes are millionaires. Thus they engage in legal mumbo jumbo details of what the law says and doesn't say thus that the jury had no choice but to vote not guilty. They argue that 'the system work' and the verdict is 'because' the prosecution didn't put up a good case 'beyond reasonable doubt' for the State.

These MSNBC Democrats are trying to cover their Negro asses by pretending to be 'upset' and 'disappointed' by the jury verdict; but, they are quick to do their job for which they are paid by in trying to control Black innercity responses by saying that all Trayvon Martin's parents wanted was an arrest and trial - that the parents along with Al Sharpton didn't care what the verdict would be: that they are satisfied because there was a trial.

The Martin's Negro lawyer ostensibly representing the parents of Trayvon Martin came out immediately following the not guilty verdict to tell Black youth not to rebel against the verdict. He urged Black youth to not take it to the streets in rebellion but instead to follow the example of 'dignity' set by the parents by not rebelling against the verdict. He goes so far as to quote the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr urging Blacks to have 'dignity' and not respond with armed insurrection, violence. The lawyers and the parents didn't 'care' about the 'verdict' because they got their money and it was therefore in their interests to urge 'peace'. The trial was a sham. The lawyers and parents got blood money and are paid:

Trayvon Martin's family settles wrongful death lawsuit with Sanford, Florida, homeowner's association. Benjamin Crump, the lawyer representing Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's parents says that while this ends litigation with the Retreat at Twin Lakes, plans for a civil suit against Zimmerman continue. Trayvon Martin's parents have settled a wrongful death claim with the homeowners association of the Retreat at Twin Lakes, the Florida housing complex where their son was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. The undisclosed sum is believed to be more than $1 million, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Read more:

Harris-Peery and all the Negroes on MSNBC are also paid. She put on an act of sadness saying respect the jury verdict, and making the point that she still believe in the criminal justice system. It was she, and the rest of the Democrats MSNBC Negroes, led by 'reverend' Al Sharpton who advocated for the State's 'fairness', calling on the governor to have a trial, in the first place'.

Sharpton and others paid to pretend to be 'Negro leaders' on MSNBC by MSNBC and for the Democrats represented by MSNBC have been quoting Martin Luther King's demagogic rhetoric that 'the ark of justice is long, but it bends toward justice'. This is nothing but allegorical rhetoric. Bourgeois Negroes from NAACP and on MSNBC were/are pretending to have common interests with innercity black youth to manipulate the gullible into believing that the State is neutral: to justify putting this case in the hands of the police and courts would, at any rate could, result in 'justice' - i.e. a conviction. Since they argued for the jury trial as itself being 'justice', they cannot oppose the verdict. From the premise of their argument: Jury Trial=Justice - they set it up for those demanding a trial to have a duty to accept the verdict. That was always their game, to oppose armed retaliation by turning the killing over to the court.

The masses of the Black working class and innercity youth know there's no such thing as 'justice'. They hate the police because of police armed occupation of their communities and violent repression of them, constantly and always. There is a popular saying in the 'hood: 'police protect and serve the rich and beat and oppress the poor'! These working class and innercity youth know what the police are and what they do, they know what courts are and what they do, they call Public Defenders' Public Pretenders!

Black and Chicano innercity youth don't vote because they know it to be a sham. There is no political party in power representing working class interests, certainly they don't represent criminalized innercity youth. They didn't vote for Obama or anyone else, why should they? They are not fools. Only fools believe that millionaire Democrats, with or without pigmentation, represent poor and oppressed people in America. They don't. Young people know the police, the courts and juries are their enemy - juries are selected from registered voters. Registered voters in general are Democrats or Republicans. They are the enemy. Their pigmentation and gender is irrelevant.

The MSNBC chief Negro Al Sharpton is now talking about taking it to the Justice Department. Black youth know the Justice Department is the enemy. Al Sharpton is the enemy. I was opposed to looking to the State for protection and 'justice' is gullibility forging on stupidity. All this talk about 'justice' - which Democrats and MSNBC never defined.

On 'stand your ground' laws and the advocacy of 'background check'. The Democrats including its MSNBC Negroes, want to disarm Black working class and especially armed rebellious Black and Chicano youth by criminalizing Black and Chicano youth, by excluding 'criminals' from having guns. Yet, not one of the mass murderers in this country - opening fire in theaters, malls and elementary schools, Sikh Temples and so on have been 'criminals'.

Certainly it is a problem that gangsters and gang bangers kill each other, but that doesn't mean they should be disarmed by subjection to background checks. What it means is that they should stop killing each other in turf wars and shoot the real enemy. Trayvon Martin should have been armed and when he saw a racist following him - an armed racist following him - he should have killed him rather than be killed by him. When the armed police came to kill him, which is what would have happened, Trayvon should have followed the example of Huey P. Newton, not Martin Luther King Jr. This is a prime, though its not the exclusive, lesson of the racist shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.

At the level of theoretical lesson and understanding, it has to be made clear that the Democratic Party, as well as the Republican Party, the government they dominate and are the nations law makers, the State itself - viz. special bodies of armed men, with prisons, &c., at their disposal, is not neutral. Not only Al Sharpton and the Democrat's cadres of Negro propagandists for this party and states apologists, but also the Martin family's attorneys and the parents themselves, are to be denounced for telling Black youth that their protectors is the police and courts, 'the criminal justice system', but also for being apologists of the police state's court system, talking about 'justice', as if the State were impartial. They have to, and want you to accept the verdict of the jury 'with dignity'. They all get paid for doing this.

Previously I wrote:

As far as quality of life and social circumstances of the black proletariat, employed and unemployed together in the hoods, their lives were not only not improved but by empirical analysis of the data is worst. Police and soldiers, whose ranks are now integrated, together with the judicial system enforcing oppressive laws, continue to maim, jail and kill black males, especially rebellious Black - and immigrant Latino - young boys and youth, young adults.

The Black bourgeois politicians and media propagandists for the State are pretending to represent a 'fight against racism' on the Martin case, but this is a red herring. What these Negro lackeys of the State advocate is the State to 'defend' blacks from racist killings, not killings by the state but an isolated individual case. These bourgeois Negroes are telling blacks to trust the State to bring 'justice' against Zimmerman. By making Zimmerman 'the issue' of 'justice' is to divert from political, legal killings and jailing by cops and courts of millions of black and Chicano male youth! By calling on the State - judges, prosecutors - to convict and jail this single non-state individual, Zimmerman, what Black politicians and media pundits are thereby doing is promoting the legitimacy of the State - special bodies of armed pigs, pig prosecutors and pig judges.

What is truly needed is for the working class, not just Black and Chicano workers but all workers - is to unite in rejection of the authority of the State, refute its legitimacy, to take matters in their own hands by insurrectionist revolutionary violence of an armed dictatorship of a revolutionary democratic dictatorship of the proletariat - Pigs: police, military officer corps, judges and jailers together with ruling political representatives - declared criminals to face revolutionary justice.

The State's Democrats and Republican -who who legislate the laws and thus authority of pig cops, jailers and executioners. They ought to be, together with the cops, jailers and executioners. given taste of their own behavior, reflected back onto themselves. The armed pigs are given authority to maim, jail and to execute rebels -that's what a 'criminal is, a rebel - by 'officers of the court': judges, justices. These robed pigs have State authority to order the disposal of individuals into prisons; to order rebels to be murdered in execution chambers.

Revolution is to overthrow the ruling classes and destroy the State. Thus, the overthrown ruling classes and agents of state power who believe in capital punishment should be executed. Those that legislate three strike laws should be jailed twenty five years for voting for imprisoning people for twenty five years. Present members of government - executive, legislative and judicial - together with enforces and jailers will be rounded up by agencies of Proletarian Revolution, jailed and executed. Their media propagandists, also.

Uncle Toms of the Democratic Party, Al Sharpton and all the rest of the Negro professional propagandists, pushed the Trayvon Martin case demanding that the State arrest, try and jail Zimmerman. The State is an apparatus of violence and repression of oppressed people, it has never been a tool of 'justice'. There is no such thing as justice. There are only material interests. The MSNBC Negro elite mislead Blacks into believing in the 'justice system'. Critical thinking Blacks knew there is no justice in America. Now, after the State declared its okay to kill 'Ass holes' and 'fucking punks' - i.e. 'Niggers' - these Negroes of the Democratic Party on MSNBC are sobbing on television begging the masses not to rise in rebellion.

The damn Negro lawyer who brought the case to the State, come on television to quote Martin's parents and a twit from Martin Luther Kings daughter urging poor Blacks in the hood to have 'dignity' and not revolt. There is no dignity in getting beat up and not fighting back, getting shot by racists and cops and not shooting back. The Martin parents don't lead the hood's oppressed people. The Negro lawyer in on television urging Blacks to go to Church and pray for 'justice'. There is no god and there is no justice, force must be met by force, guns by guns. If a racist come at you, kill him. Don't let him kill you and have your parents pray ta de lowd for 'justice'.

Lil Joe

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