Baba, Adaoma, Jim [JH] - thanks for your responses! Also, special
thanks to Adaoma for editing my original post to the list on this
Subject. For the sake of clarity I have revised and added details to
that privious post [below].

Lil Joe

Re: [laborpartypraxis] Request to Laborpartypraxis Members
Guess I'm one of the comrades that have been more of lurkers here in the
past few years.

I've however found a great deal of the rather restricted debates (more
in terms of the numbers of persons involved than the scope) very
interesting. Moreso the expanse of scope of topical issues posted is
also enrichening.

The tasks I am saddled with since returning back to Nigeria, (not
exactly unfortunately, as I rightly criticised most of our home-based
net warrior of engaging more with their keyboards than with the
challenges of work in the masses, while I was in Europe/Latin America)
leave me little time for e-polemics not directly tied to work on the
ground, as can be seen from my receding from other lists such as
naijpolitics as well.

Will try to be more present here though, despite the objective
constraints I face.

Baba Aye
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Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 20:30:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [laborpartypraxis] Request to Laborpartypraxis Members

Lil Joe,

What a challenge request that you have presented. I hope that netters
will respond, by sharing their analyses and their insights. We have a
opportunity to be interactive.

I would love to learn from others and share from them. Contributions
have been informative and helpful.

More indepth discussion would be even more so.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all.


There will be an important workshop on Alternative Political Stragegies
at the national Kent State Labor Community Fightback Conference on June
24-26. This will include discussion of reestablishing Labor Party
Advocates in October other is open to other ideas. details to follow. jh

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2011 has reached nearly a full decade of the existence of our egroup - It started off with a general list of
objectives of the time, practical working class agenda items to draw
similar minded critical thinking. If without revolutionary theory,
can be no revolutionary movement, and the working class is the
revolutionary class, insomuch as the existence of revolutionary ideas
presupposes the existence of a revolutionary class, the working class'
politics cannot become revolutionary politics unless and until it
evolves critical thinking.

There are individual and groups members from various political and
ideological tendencies and representatives here that are from
organizations that otherwise wouldn't be on the same list. That is
great, because if no idea or dogma is sacred, then everyone is free to
post from their perspective without fear of being denounced as heretic,
renegade, revisionist ...

The write ups and/ or forwards from every tendency in the working class
political and ideological struggles in the movement are important and
should be read objectivity by members of other tendencies. However,
there has been little cross currents of cross discussion between
different tendencies. That is a shame.

Vigorous exchanges and even political or philosophical polemics would
draw others into critical thinking. It would raise the quality of
knowledge and development of how to advance working class projects and
agendas, as we are now witnessing an upsurge rising of truly independent
working class revolts all over the world. We need to be part of that...
in the streets.

A Society is an evolving ensemble of social relations. If our
standpoints as individuals and as tendency organizations is to intervene
in the class struggles, the political election process of the 2012
election, we should have vigirous discussions here that enable us to
participate in this process. We could help raise the theoritical level
and political quality of the discourses in the class struggles i.e.
union meetings, community meetings, church halls and town Halls, immigrant
meetings, anti-war activist's meetings, Palestinian solidarity meetings and
defense of Arab and Muslims from demonization and repression.

We, as individuals and tendencies or our respective organizations
should be catalysts for working class, trade union, religious, ethnic,
gender and other oppressed minorities who consciously are separate and
apart from the capitalist parties and attacking capitalism and capitalist,
not just sectarian attacks on each other.

Workers and unionists know that FOX, Washington Times, Time Magazine,
Wall Street Journal, Spectator, New Republic, Weekly Standard and so
on, are Republican propaganda ideologists attacking unions and
minorities. But, we need folk to do critical analysis of the Democraric
Party and its print and electronic media propagandists as fake
"defenders of the middle class".

The 'job' of these propagandists is to divert workers from critical
analysis of the Democratic Party as the governing politicians of a
State's actual basis on the class structures that constitute U.S.
society. Government policies resulting from capitalist relations of
production, capitalist commodity production and distribution that
produces profits based on the exploitation of wage labor is the
economic system and taxes are the economic basis of the State.

The State's primary function is as an apparatus of violence in the
possession of the capitalist class as ruling classes and not to promote
or sponsor health care for the working classes or food stamps to the poor.
Whether a government provides for health care, unemployment
compensation, college tuition, food stamps and so on to 'working
people and the poor', depends upon the material interests of the
dominate political faction of the economically dominate capitalist

For instance, universal single payer health care sponsored by the
government enables the capitalists to escape payment for this 'benefit',
and food stamps enable unemployed workers and the unemployed surplus
population in general to purchase commodities that otherwise would not
be sold. The interests of industrial and agricultural capitalist
commodity producers are thus served by the Democratic Party when its
members of Congress promote universal single payer health care,
unemployment compensation, welfare and food stamps.

The economic factions of capitalists politically represented by the
Democrats and the Republicans and their ideologists provide the
wherewithall for its politicians to win elections and its political
demogogues and propagandists money to bamboozle, take, and hoodwink
the trusting and gullible amongst workers who, as yet, lack critical
faculties of thought.

The Democratic Party's political demogogues are masquerading their
actual partisan capitalist class party as being for the working man,
"the American middle class" - the language of MSNBC talk show hosts
and guests: ideological lackeys from Washington Post, Solon.Com,
Huffington Post, The Nation, New York Times, Newsweek and "Progressive
Radio" hosts.

Lil Joe

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