On the UK Election
An Analysis by Li'l Joe
December 16, 2019

Better fewer but better. The results of this election demonstrate the power of media ruling class propaganda flooding homes with nationalist identity ideology and the lack of class consciousness on the part of the majority of British workers. However, it is nonetheless perhaps of greater significance that the unions and working class communities were were so impressed by Corbyn's fight against the Blairites so-called Parliamentary Labour Party ousting brought more than a hundred thousand new members into the Corbyn led trade union working class based Labour Party. 183,658 to be exact. More important than the number of seats in Parliament is that ten million voters did vote Labour Party. This is important because those voters know who Jeremy Corbyn is and what he stands for: a Corbyn led Labour Party fighting in Parliment for socialist transition from capitalism to socialism: by placing the government and Parliament into the hands of workers. In this connection the Labour Party did "win". By winning 10,000,000 voters in support of the Labour Party Manifesto. Ideas matter.

Since being elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015, bringing revolutionary workers and socialists into the Labour Party with the complete support of the trade union rank and file, Corbyn was recognised in ruling circles as a danger and a threat to capitalism. He was not and is not. Paid capitalist lackeys hired by mass medias as intellectual prize fighters masquerading as news "reporters" and "journalists", together with lickspittles in the "Parliamentary Labour Party" attacked his character daily.

Members of parliament, Blairites together with Labour Party quislings of capital in the "Parliamentary Labour Party", used Brexit to manipulate prejudices of tens of millions of ignorant working class for whom hatred of immigrants trumped class interests as they voted against immigrant workers from Central and East Europe and for racist anti-immigrant ideologies against refugees from war torn nations in Middle Asia, the Levant and North Africa.

​Class struggle is demonstrated in that the capitalist class dominates press and electronic media and is represented in Parliament by the Conservative Party together with the Parliamentary Labour Party. The ideas of ruling classes in class society are the dominate ideas. Nationalist identity politics promoted by Brexit appealed to socialised/ internalised tribalism, racism and xenophobia. Conservatives make migrants to Britain appear as invaders.

Added to this were the media sanctioned (if not promoted) Zionist lies that the Labour Party, specifically, and Jeremy Corbyn, in particular, were anti-Semites. Mainstream media attacks on Corbyn occurred daily, particularly, for instance, repeating the accusation of "anti-Semitism".

The problem is that Corbyn refused to respond this lie by calling it a lie and putting forth the fact that his entire political career has been anti-racist and anti-imperialist, thus opposed to Zionist slaughtering of Palestinians. Rather, he capitulated to it's "validity". He wrongly held himself back rather than exposing the accusation for what it is: Zionist engineered political propaganda.

Corbyn is no Leninist. He capitulated to the Blairite presence in the Parliamentary Labour Party rather than expelling them. Also, British mainstream bourgeois political media - including state owned BBC - repeated the accusation of an anti-Semitism 'problem' within the Labour Party. This media in addition pressed Corbyn for not wanting to use nuclear weapons against Russia!

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"

Members of the "Parliamentary Labour Party" attacked Corbyn as an "anti-Semite" because of Corbyn's support for Palestinians and opposition to Zionism. Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway opposed every "regime change" war. Every single one of them. Thus Corbyn has been hated by Zionists and imperialists, as is George Galloway. US imperialism and its media propaganda outlets plus British imperialism and it's media call those who criticise the Israeli occupation of Golan, West Bank and Gaza "anti-Semites".

British trade union members, upon which and by whom the Labour Party exists, consistently voted for Jeremy Corbyn as Party leader. It's the right-wing Blairites in the so-called "Parliamentary Labour Party" who are pro-Zionist and anti-Palestinian resistance. Blairites also supported the accusation that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" LIE, and voted to join US imperialism in the war on Iraq and support NATO's destruction of Afghanistan and Libya, as well as Iraq and Syria. Blairites backed the coup in Ukraine and attempted coup in Venezuela. Again based on LIES.

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