On The Impeachment
by Li'l Joe
December 19, 2019

Mass media is deliberately not addressing this "teachable moment" to explain the economical class basis and political interests that shaped the world outlook (weltansuung) of the economically dominant, politically powerful ruling classes. The class interests of the so-called Founding Fathers in framing the Constitution of the United States was to mandate a federal bureaucratic-military State to protect their property and power concentrated in the Senate and federal courts, including the Supreme Court. The rule of law is tyranny by the few rather than "tyranny by the mob". (See Charles Beard link to "An Economic Interpretation of the United States")

Concerning impeachment as a Constitutional function of the House of Representatives. The Democratic Party's majority voted in favor of impeachment of the President. It is nothing but an allegation. At most it is an indictment similar in function to a civilian Grand Jury. It merely recommends prosecution. It is not a trial. The trial is held in the Senate.

The Constitution deliberately makes the House of Representatives toothless as far as it's political power is concerned. Political and military power is concentrated in the Senate and the Pentagon. The State is operated by a permanent bureaucratic-military apparatus. The so-called "deep state". The powerless indictment of the President is nothing but "Show - the Unessential masquerading as Essential". The concept of impeachment by the House of Representatives is political theatre and a red herring. Actors in this theatre focus attention away from the US sponsored fascist coup in Ukraine and subsequent US military aid to it.

The Show is in the House of Representatives along with the print and electronic medias. Nonetheless it is becoming obvious to US citizens that the House of Representatives exists to promote the delusion of "Democracy" __ from the Greek "mob rule", euphemistically translated to "majority rule". Political democracy has never existed in bureaucratic-military States. Athenian democracy, for instance was a polis governed by political representatives of the appropriating classes and their domination of the producing classes. The economic basis of the Athenian polis was slavery. Similarly the Roman Republic. In both cases the population of slaves was far more numerous than citizens constituting the polis. Slaves had no rights. Roman plebeians and proletariat were excluded from the Senate.

Socrates was murdered by the democratic citizens by majority vote. Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus and Julius Caesar were each of them murdered by Senators in the Senate. A thousand slaves whose revolution was led by Spartacus were captured and crucified along the path that led to the gates of Rome (thousands more were killed in battle by the Roman army). No wonder Plato, Cicero and James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington opposed the principle of popular exercise of direct Democracy by the masses. Rome's Peoples Tribune was a symbolic trick -- both literally and figuratively --.

The Constitution of the United States is the fundamental statement of American ruling class political domination of the nation's citizenry. The Declaration of Independence is not the basis of U.S. government and thus not a legal guide for it's laws. Compared to revolutionary Parliamentary sovereignty, that is, English and French parliamentary democracy, the US Constitutional Convention was counter-revolutionary vis-a-vis Enlightenment language articulated by Thomas Jefferson in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The House of Representatives has the form of a democracy but lacks substantial power to govern. Were the United States to become a truly parliamentary democracy, political power would descend from the Supreme Court and Senate to parliamentary sovereignty of the House of Representatives. This requires a Labour Party that's financially based on a federation of labour unions and in the working class as a whole to legislate the abolition of the Senate and displace the present content of the Federal judiciaries and Supreme Court.

MSM print and electronic propaganda medias deliberately miss an opportunity to discuss with American citisens why it is that the House of Representatives are more numerous but relatively powerless vis-a-vis the numerical minority which constitute the powers of the Senate. Neither are the Democrats nor are Republicans engaging in this otherwise valuable "teaching moment".

See Beard's complete book An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States at Wikisource.

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