Wed May 4, 2011 8:46 pm

Arab bourgeois 'revolution' or proletarian revolutionary expropriation

by Lil Joe

Introductory Note. Clarification and Additions

This revised note is to clarify the comments I am making in response to the racialist slogans by imperialist politicians and the capitalist owned print and electronic media propaganda. The U.S and British imperialist politicians, together with lackey ideologist and propagandists in the mass media masquerading as journalists and 'the news', 24/7, are trying to describe the working classes uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt as an "Arab revolution', an 'Arab spring', and 'pro-democracy young people' against individuals, so-called dictators.

In the article below by Tariq Ali, it is clear that Ali is a bourgeois racialist using this ideological racial slogan by characterising of the class struggle in Tunisia and Egypt as being in 'the Arab world', and that the rebels are 'pro-democracy' bourgeois revolts against individual 'dictators', rather than part of the general uprising throughout the nations bordering the Meditarennean Basin and the international solidarity of workers in class battles against the capitalist classes and the States everywhere on Earth.

The racialist bourgeois nationalist rhetoric regarding what's occuring in Tunisia and Egypt as a reactionary 'Pan-Arabist' so-called 'pro-democracy' 'Arab revolution', against a demonized individual 'head of state' is a red herring. In Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and in Egypt Hosni Mubarak were not the problem, these individuals were the faces of the government that managed the State, the State in both cases as elsewhere represents the interests of the most powerful, economically dominate classes. In these cases, the capitalist class.


March 29, 2011

Critiques of President Obamas Recent Speeches Concerning Libya

by Lil Joe and David Moro

People mill around near Moammar Kadafi's residence after a missile destroyed… (Imed Lamloum / AFP/Getty Images) March 20, 2011|By Borzou Daragahi, Brian Bennett and Garrett Therolf, Los Angeles Times U.S., French and British forces blasted Libyan air defenses and ground forces, drawing intense volleys of tracer and antiaircraft fire over Tripoli on Sunday on the second day of a military campaign that will severely test Moammar Kadafi's powers of survival.

Late Sunday, smoke billowed from Kadafi's massive Bab Azizia residential compound shortly after an earth-shaking explosion. Rounds of antiaircraft and tracer fire lit up the night for the third time in less than 24 hours.


March 20, 2011

Response to "Qaddafi's barbaric war on the uprising" by David Whitehouse

"Qaddafi's barbaric war on the uprising" by David Whitehouse
A Response by Lil Joe

David Whitehouse, on behalf of the policies of cadres wrote:

"MUAMMAR EL-QADDAFI'S superior firepower, plus his willingness to use it against rebel forces and civilians alike, seems to have turned the tide against a Libyan rebellion that began February 17. By midweek, Qaddafi loyalists were bombarding Misurata, the only western city still in rebel hands, while gathering forces for an assault on Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city and the rebels' last key stronghold in the east." David Whitehouse -

This from an ostensibly Marxist organization, 'socialist worker'! This article, echoing the imperialist politicians and regurgitating the US and British capitalist owned and managed media and press, might just as well been written by Clinton, Obama, or any number of television and print propagandists who masquerade as 'journalists' and 'reporters'!

Yet, regards and presents itself to be the continuation of the analytical work of Marx, Lenin and Trotsskyist revolutionary theory and practice! (See


Sunday Febuary 6, 2011

Egypt: Inter-faith proletarian solidarity:

Proletarian tolerance is just as much a principle of proletarian internationalist solidarity as is opposition
to racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, fascism, anti-semitism and Islamophobic demogogy.
While it is not a requirement of proletarian communist activity to be an atheist or so-called
'dialectical materialist' to defend the lives and promote the interests of workers, it is a
requirement to defend and promote tolerance.
It is not any accident that the racism, anti-semitism and religious bigotry are being used by
politicians and ideologists as red herrings of ideological demogogy in the bourgeois reactionary
politics: say, for instance the American exceptionalist ideology of imperialism, the anti-semitism
of the bourgeois fascist politicians and ideologists and the reactionary nationalist "Islamists".

These reactionary ideologies masked as race, religion and nationalism are ad hominem ideologies that
are ideological red herrings that divert workers from their common class enemy, from their capitalist
enemies in the class struggle, to instead focus attention on differences of race, creed and
nationality among workers, as though workers were each others enemy rather than having a common
class enemy based on appropriation of their proletarian labour power and thus the exploitation
by the capitalist classes of proletarian labour.

Religious bigotry, nationalism, sexism, racism, homophobia and Islamophobia are ideological red herrings
presented by bourgeois politicians and ideologists based in capitalist interests in that it
sow seeds of division among workers. Thus, these ideologies are characteristic of the capitalist
government of the United States, Israel and Iran, and the bourgeois nationalism of Al Quada,
which is led by a cadre of millionaire Saudis.


Jan 31 2011

A working class struggle not an "Arab" struggle!

Re: A working class struggle not an "Arab" struggle

I am in complete agreement with you, David. I have also been doing some research
on the struggles in the region, which have been posted from newspapers and

Thank you for pointing the direction of class struggle. I have noticed that
prior articles from the Left - socialist, comunists and anarchists - have fallen
into the mass media clap trap of presenting the workers struggle as an Arab

Lil Joe

--- In,, "dmoros2000" wrote:
> The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are more about economic crisis
> and proletarian struggle than an "Arab World" thing. These
> ongoing rebellions are a continuation of working class struggle
> and rebellions of unemployed or underemployed youth
> centered around the Mediterranean Sea countries, Turkey, Egypt,
> Italy, Greece, Tunisia, France etc., that have intensified since
> the onset of the US real estate swindle induced global economic collapse.
> David
> ---
> =======================
> Egypt business: New moves
> December 30th 2010
> The Egyptian government has offered fresh financial incentives to truck owners
in a bid to end a strike that has had a serious impact on the distribution of
goods during December. However, the government remains determined to push
through reforms aimed at improving safety on Egypt's roads, easing congestion
and encouraging greater use of railways and the Nile river for the transport of
bulk goods.


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